‘..Satan his constant companion.’

Syed Akbar Ali

Here is a picture of Jordan as well. The Jordanians are also rioting. They asked for the Prime Minister to be kicked out. King Abdullah panicked and did exactly what the demonstrators asked – he fired the Prime Minister.Maybe as a next step the people will ask that King Abdullah be fired too. Baru tau.

The lame brained Hosni Mubarak now says he never wanted to be appointed for another term as President. He will step down in September. This is insulting the intelligence of 80 million Egyptians. I hope they throw him out by Friday. The Americans have signed the death warrant on Hosni Mubarak. Now they are using the phrase ‘peaceful transition.’ I think this is the end of Hosni Mubarak. The Americans made him, now they can replace him. By the way, the American anointed successor El Baradei is also ‘US-er friendly’.

And do you think if El Baradei takes over, Egypt will be saved? Think again. That country is doomed. Egypt is looking at another 25 or 50 years of doom. The problem with Egypt is NOT Hosni Mubarak or El Baradei. The problem is the Egyptian people themselves.

Outside Egypt, outside the clutches of his religion, his culture and his society El Baradei can become the Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency or IAEA. But once he is back in Egypt, he will become an Egyptian. Club of Doom.

Folks here I would like to put up some of the wonderful comments I have received in my Blog over the past few days. With all you brains out there in Malaysia, I think surely our country can do much better than what we are doing now. Here are some of your comments. Thank you.

Muhd said : “We have thousands of students studying in Egypt. I have a question for the Malaysian Government. Dude, why in the world you send your kids to a place where youth unemployment is high, poverty is rampant, economy is stagnant etc. What are you expecting your kids to learn from an environment like that? How to make pyramids? Last I check, I don’t see Al-Azhar Uni or whatever Eygptian Unis (even Middle East unis) are ranked as top universities in the world. How many Islamic scholars do we need anyway? I mean there is only so many places you can have in the Jabatan Agama. What do you do with these Eygptian graduates? Are they even good at Maths? Hello? Are we importing jobless youth back to our country? I say aren’t they better off enrol in our own universities? Even our private universities would be better than Egypt.

I am just surprise the Eygptians haven’t blow up their pyramids yet. They should take a leaf of from the Talibans. But apparently the only thing that is sustaining the Muslims over there is tourism. Thanks to their kafir ancestors who built the pyramid. Man, and I thought the Muslims in Malaysia is progressive. You don’t need to be a genius to know not to send your kids to another backward country to do tertiary education. What are you trying to achieve? Your kids are so smart you want to make them stupid?”

SAS says : I couldn’t agree more with anonymous 11.13 pm Muhd. Why on earth are we sending bright muslims to backward country such as Egypt. Majority of them overstayed (pasal tak lulus) and look forward for hajj season pasal nak buat upah haji! We should start sending students to Germany and Scandinavian countries the home based of Fortune 500 companies. . . SAS

And here is Stowell : “Anon 11.28 , more than 25 % of the graduates in Egypt cannot get a job. This is despite some universities there are institutions with a thousand years history. Same in Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan etc. They are unemployable with no useful skills and no knowledge of English language. Maybe we can bring them over here to be guru ugama so that we can further increase our ranks of unemployed. Stowell”

Thanks Muhd, SAS and Stowell. Spot on bro. University education is not just attending lectures and reading textbooks. If you study overseas you want to study in a country where the society is progressive, the economy is modern, the cities are clean, modern and sparkling, the culture is super modern and the people are civilised. Then living there for four or five years may benefit you.

When I first landed in the US in 1982, I was mesmerized by their 18 wheeler trucks. All standard size. Then I worked on campus and was impressed by their attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Until today I know the proper way to maintain the cleanliness of a restaurant and its kitchen and dishwashing area. Then their people talk less and they work more. To a very large extent their people do and deliver on what they say. Cakap klentong kurang sikit.

I can guarantee you 1000000000000000% you will NEVER see this in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan, India or the other God forsaken places on this earth. So why send your kids to study in these countries for four or five years? So what you get your medical degree. Balik jadi d*ng* First Class juga. Why not send our kids to study medicine in Zimbabwe or Burkina Faso? I am sure they have medical schools there too?


In this regard all the Islamic countries (Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Indonesia) are just backward, backward, backward. Also some other non Islamic countries like India are also just dirty, backward and quite uncivilized (but isnt that why they are not Islamic?).

If you send your children to these countries for four years or five years, your kids may become like them. The PAS supporters and many Kelantan people like to send their kids to study in Al Azhar, Pakistan and even Darul Uloom, Deoband, India. Jadi d*ng* first class. Balik boleh kerja “ustaz putaq”. “Ustaz putaq” (putar) is like a hawker – going from house to house teaching agama classes, pinjam surau to teach agama or part time cikgu in sekolah agama.

Yang pandai sikit masuk UMNO atau PAS, jadi poly-tikus. Yes boleh jadi Menteri, can become entertainers on TV, boleh juga jual kismis ajaib, air jampi ajaib and other such crap. Then they help manufacture thousands more unthinking masses like them.