Movement wants Baru Bian as CM if Pakatan wins

(Free Malaysia Today) – Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian is the choice of the Movement For Change, Sarawak (MoCS) to be the chief minister of Sarawak should Pakatan Rakyat comes into power after the next state election.

“Today, MoCS officially endorses Baru Bian as the new Sarawak CM in the event of a change of government after the polls,” the movement’s leader Francis Paul Siah announced here Sunday.

“For the past six months, MoCS has been looking for a suitable candidate to present to the people of Sarawak as their new CM. We have found that person in Baru Bian,” he told the MoCS public forum held at a local hotel here.

Siah described Baru as a dedicated public servant although he is actually in private practice as a lawyer.

“He had energetically fought for many victimized land owners over the NCR land issue and had won several landmark cases. He had toiled tirelessly for many years to help not only the Dayaks but other races as well.

“For his dedication to serve the downtrodden in society, Baru has earned the respect and admiration of many Sarawakians,” Siah added.

The MoCS leader said that another important reason why the movement was endorsing Baru was that the PKR chief is a devout Christian and a God-fearing person.

“Anyone who is God-fearing will have a conscience and is unlikely to be greedy and corrupt when he attains high public office,” Siah said.

Baru Bian, a 52-year-old Orang Ulu is the first Dayak politician to be endorsed by MoCS to be a candidate in the coming state election.

In another MoCS public forum in Miri Saturday, Siah announced the movement’s endorsement of five DAP state assembly incumbents. They are Wong Ho Leng (Bukit Assek), Chong Chieng Jen (Kota Sentosa), Chew Ching Sing (Kidurong), Violet Yong (Pending), Ting Tze Fui (Meradong).

MoCS also endorsed two other DAP potential candidates, Dr Wong Hua Seh of Bintulu and Fong Poh Teck of Miri.

Two weeks ago, the movement endorsed its first candidate, PKR’s Dr Michael Teo of Miri.