“Makkal Sakti will always support Barisan Nasional”

(Malaysian Digest) – Malaysia Makkal Sakti president, R S Thanenthiran today lodged a police report against Kannan Ramasamy who allegedly has been masquerading as the party’s president while campaigning for the Opposition in the Tenang by-election which will be held this Sunday.

Thanenthiran said Kannan’s alleged action was intended to mislead voters and irresponsible.

“We (Makkal Sakti) will always support Barisan Nasional (BN) and will make sure that its candidate (Azahar Ibrahim) wins this by-election,” said Thanenthiran.

“This is a dirty trick practiced by the Opposition in this by-election. They want to mislead voters with hope that they will vote Normala (PAS candidate),” he added.

Thanenthiran stressed that he is the legal chairman of of Makkal Sakti while Kannan is a former secretary general of the party who was one of the 13 members who was sacked on 20 January last year for violating party’s constitution.

He said he decided to lodge a police report after reading reports from newspapers that mentioned Kannan making a statement admitting that he is Makkal Sakti’s president and declared that the party supports the Opposition.

“Police report has been lodged and I hope that the authorities will take appropriate action against him (Kannan). We (Makkal Sakti) hope for a clean by-election. Our machinery will work to help the BN candidate and we will explain to voters about the exact fact on this matter,” he added.