AG out to get me, says Phang, and quits MACC’s panel

(Harakah Daily) – Saying he faced relentless attacks from various sides, Robert Phang Miow Sin is quitting the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel.

L-R: Robert Phang and Gani Patail

Phang alleged he was the subject of “venomous attacks” for urging the Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail to come clean on several high profile cases involving him, such as the scandal of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and his Hajj pilgrimage allegedly sponsored by Shahidan Shafie, a proxy of former MAS chairman, Tajuddin Ramli.

“For merely asking AG Gani Patail to be accountable for all these controversies that were already in the public domain, I suddenly became the subject of these venomous attacks,” wrote Phang in a statement made available to Harakahdaily.

Earlier, Robert urged Gani answer allegations made on the Malaysia Today website over speculation of his relationship with Shahidan, which threw light on why Gani had not taken action against Tajuddin, whose tenure in MAS saw the airlines’ biggest ever losses totalling RM8 billion, despite recommendations by former Commercial Crime Investigation director Ramli Yusof.

Robert also raised concerns about attempts to clear Gani without any investigations by MACC.

“On January 19, the anonymous blog also accused me of trying to bribe a Secretary-General of a Ministry. I was subsequently told that that the Attorney-General had directed an investigation paper to be opened against me,” he said.

Robert said this was subsequently denied by MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed on January 21.

“Despite what Abu Kassim had told me, the Malay Mail subsequently reported that the deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Liew Vui Keong, had urged the MACC to initiate an investigation against me. The Malay Mail also quoted that the MACC Anti-Corruption Advisory Board member, Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas, had said that the MACC cannot allow its credibility to be undermined by an advisory panel member,” explained Robert.

According to Robert, on the very next day, it was reported that UMNO’s right-wing offshoot Perkasa lodged a report against him, leading to his statement being recorded by MACC investigations director, Mustafar Ali.

“I was surprised as that was inconsistent with what Abu Kassim had told me earlier. All these seem to be a concerted attack against me,” said Robert, and pointed out a “coincidence” whereby all the parties involved in the “attacks” originated from Sabah.

“The attacks against me centred on my past business activities in Sabah and most of it were fictitious. It is a fact that AG Gani is from Sabah. It is also a fact that VK Liew is from Sabah. VK Liew is Deputy to Nazri Aziz, our de facto Minister of Law. To me, fanning these issues publicly is a calculated and orchestrated effort to discredit me. It is to put me on trial by media in a most unfair manner,” he added.
He said he expected evidences to be brought against him in the same manner Ramli Yusof was prosecuted, and said the speed in which he was being targetted paled in comparison to the inaction over the public disclosure of Gani’s association with Shahidan.

“I consider all these wholly unsatisfactory and smacks of double standards,” he charged.

“I have considered this matter and I will walk the talk. I think tendering my resignation is only the right thing for me to do to sincerely help facilitate investigations.”