Sarawak Report

What a relief! Taib finally got Najib to agree to a Federal buy-out of his clinic and got him to open it on January 16th. 

A series of sickening revelations have started to emerge about Kuching’s newly-opened ’Heart Hospital’ at Kota Samarahan, following investigations by Sarawak Report.

The Unit, which was opened to a fanfare last week by the Malaysian Prime Minister, has turned out to be the most expensive hospital ever built in Malaysia in terms of the cost per bed.

Even so we have discovered patients are already being turned away from life-saving treatment, because the facilities are inadequate to perform heart operations. Much of the equipment is obsolete and only one ward out of the eight floors of the hospital is even staffed.  This is despite the fact that the project should have been completed in 2006 and is therefore six years late!

Shocking incompetence and clear corruption

Moth-balled – most of the hospital is not open and the decade old equipment is still unwrapped! 

This state of affairs can only cast the most serious questions over the competence of the Deputy Chief Minister and SUPP leader George Chan, who as the Sarawak Minister in charge of health conceived and managed the project.

His culpability is further deepened by the fact that he granted his own girlfriend Christina Foo the multi-million ringgit contract to purchase most of the hospital’s medical equipment.  She set up a company called Trend-Nics, which a raft of insiders acknowledge was handed the lions share of the equipment contracts!

Ms Foo is acknowledged to be pretty and lively and she was Chan’s open mistress for many years during his marriage to his former wife. However, experts and insiders are adamant that not only was there no need for this middle-man contract, but that Ms Foo was not qualified to be involved in such matters.  Therefore there are now serious questions about how much profit Chan’s mistress made on her major share of the RM 130 million contract that was awarded to buy this equipment, much of which has been now found to be inadequate.

Cover Up?

There appears to have been an attempt to cover up the involvement of Ms Christina Foo in the Trend-Nics affair and to disguise her Directorship of the company.

Unconvincing cover-up. Trend-Nics is directed by Foo’s sister, Florence and another called ‘Celine’ Foo. It is owned by another company called Chastain 

Our investigation of Trend-Nics official documents show that the Directors of the company are in fact registered as two other Ms Foos called Florence and ‘Celine’ .  This camouflage would appear to distance the fetching Christina Foo from the company.  However, the 100% shareholder of Trend-Nics is registered as another company called Chastain Sdn Bhd.  Chastain is 80% owned by Christina Foo herself, who is also registered as a Director at her swanky Kasuma Resort residence.  The other Director, Florence Foo owns 10% and the remaining 10% is owned by ‘Celine’ – who turns out to be an alias for Christina Foo herself!