The shameless conspiracy against ROBERT PHANG

Phang merely asked for accountability of controversies that were already in the public domain. That was all Phang did. But Phang had angered A-G Gani Patail and therefore Phang must be “canned”. That is the game they play with the lives of the innocent Malaysian citizens.

By Din Merican

Robert Phang–MACC Corruption Panel Member

On Thaipusam Day, January 21, I called on all Malaysians to “Let us stand up for and defend ROBERT PHANG against ROGUES AND LIARS!” against the onslaught of the UMNO bloggers. I made that call because I knew that shortly the whole machinery of the government would be abused to hound Phang. I knew there would be an attack in concert to malign Phang to the maximum. I knew they would manipulate and fabricate to fix Phang.

A Mexican Stand-off

They will need to attack Phang in order to create a Mexican stand-off because Phang had been critical of A-G Gani Patail, especially his Meccan escapade with Encik Shahidan Shafie,  Tajuddin Ramli’s proxy. They will need to intimidate Phang so that Phang will cease his criticisms against A-G Gani Patail. They will do all that so that eventually there will be a truce of sorts, and Robert Phang will keep quiet for good. That was what they exactly did in 2007.

Victimisation of Small Fish: DSP Bahrain Che Ros, Ken Hock and Hassan Aman of PDRM

I will tell you what was told to me recently by a family member of the policemen who are still suffering to this day. In case you have forgotten, at that time the Along illegal loan shark syndicate became a national menace. Several junior policemen had obtained  information that IGP Musa Hassan was involved with a syndicate operator in Tangkak. So, Inspector Hong Ken Hock and Sergeant Major Hassan Aman reported to the desk officer, DSP Baharin Che Ros, about the information they had recorded from some Chinese informants.

At the same time, then Deputy Home Minister, Dato’ Johari Baharom, also received similar intelligence report of IGP Musa Hassan’s involvement with a VIP syndicate. He instructed Dato’ Ramli Yusuff, then Director of Commercial Crimes Investigations Dept (CCID), to investigate and report to him directly. Dato’ Ramli did exactly as he was instructed. This led to the arrest and detention of the syndicate operator, Goh Cheng Poh aka Tengku Goh.

The silencing of Dato’ Johari Baharom

An anonymous blog suddenly surfaced to allege that Johari was also involved in protecting another rival syndicate. That blog was a once-off blog set up by Dato’ Christopher Wan, then Director CID. It closed down immediately after that story was leaked to the press.

Dato’ Johari was in a fix and became the subject of investigation by the ACA (now MACC). A truce was called where A-G Gani Patail then cleared both IGP Musa Hassan and Dato’ Johari Baharom. Johari was silenced forever. That is how the game is played.

Dato Ramli Yusuff  was victimised

While Johari has been cleared and got away unscathed, they decided that Dato’ Ramli must be eliminated. When Tengku Goh was about to spill the beans on IGP Musa Hassan and mentioned Musa’s name several times in his affidavit, A-G Gani forced these junior officers to surrender their confidential informants’ file to Dato’ Yusof Zainal Abidien (now Solicitor -General II).

Dato’ Yusof knew this was illegal and refused to accept the file which was then passed to Dato’ Nordin Hassan, the MACC’s Director of Prosecution. Nordin Hassan is Gani Patail’s blue eyed boy who had a meteoric rise after his successful mission to fix Anwar Ibrahim in Sodomy I. With that file, Nordin directed the MACC to hunt down the Chinese informants and forced them to retract what they had said earlier. The mainstream media then ran a sensational story that IGP Musa Hassan was being framed by his own men in blue.

This was the first and only time in the history of PDRM and the country that an IGP has accused his own men of framing him. Musa is also the first IGP in history to be denounced by a court of law as a witness whose evidence is not credible, which is the polite legal jargon for calling a man in high position a LIAR!

In the end, Sergeant Major Hassan Aman, Inspector Hong Ken Hock and DSP Baharin Che Ros were charged for false evidence against the IGP under section 199 of the Penal Code. Their case is still not over. The prosecutor is none other than the despicable DPP Kevin Morais.

Musa Hassan’s shadow lords over IGP Ismail Omar

The following questions arise: Why would junior officers want to frame their own IGP? What do they gain? Can DSP Baharin rise to become IGP if he brings down IGP Musa Hassan whereas a DSP is lowly ranked officer in the hierarchy? How come police confidential informants’ register can be seized by the MACC? Where is the integrity and confidentiality of police investigations? Why was the case investigated by the MACC whereas the charge against them is for a Penal Code offence? Why was the PDRM muted and had done nothing to protect its own men in blue? No wonder morale is so low in PDRM – espirit d’ corp is dead! Current IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar  should wake up to this and act decisively!

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