Teaching, Spoon-Feeding, or Force-Feeding?

Written By John Doe

The Education of young Malaysians has always been a sore topic among parents. Does Malaysia want her future Generation to be thinkers, or robots? What is the current Education System in place now? Memorizing, and Regurgitation during Exams. Once it’s vomited out onto the Paper, it is forgotten. And then, the next exam comes along, and this vile process is repeated over and over again.

This systmem of education promotes one skill, and ONE SKILL only. Memorizing and Regurgitation till the next exam. What about Real-World Skills? Understanding, application, and the practical side of things? What about the other VERY important aspect of Questioning? Is it because Asians are merely taught to SHADDUP; Be seen, and NOT be heard?
How about “If I want your opinion, I’ll GIVE it to you” ?
The present education system promotes a bunch of “Certified” soldier ants. Nothing more !! They perform a function, and then die, and is forgotten. No one is trained to think critically. In fact, the ONLY thing which Malaysians are capable of being critical about, is FOOD !! Every single person is a Food Critic !! Wait !! I know this place which serves the BEST …… And that’s about as shallow as it stays throughout most conversations.
Try asking your child this, “Why did Altantuya have to die a Horrible death?” 
The answer would probably be “Dunno… NOT in the textbook, why don’t we go order some Chau Kuay Teow instead?”
This is simply so sad.
On the issue of “World History”. How may are taught about the Out-Of-Africa Theory? How may can speak about the Ukranian Holocaust? How many people know about Thomas Paine, and the “Rights of Man”? How many know that Austronesians migrated out of Taiwan 6,000 years ago? Can they even pronounce Austronesians? What’s the difference between an Austronesian and an Australasoid? And who are Australoids? Or how Headhunting in Borneo was stopped by James Brooke? How many people know that the DNA of Man is but 2% different from a Chimpanzee, or that Monkeys in the wild are making their own stone tools, just like Cavemen did 35,000 years ago? How about the DNA in Homo Neanderthalis is now found in Homo Sapiens, proving once and for all that they did indeed inter-breed circa 35-40,000 years ago, in Eurasia? DNA? How many even know what DNA stands for?
The more you know, the more you realize how little you do.