MCA: Three fingers are pointing back at you

Star, MCA-owned and therefore is the party’s mouthpiece, published today a laughable report quoting its president Dr Chua Soi Lek’s campaign trail in Tenang.

It is not only laughable, it lacks intelligence. It lacks innovation because Chua continued to play race and religious issues in his pathetic bid to win Chinese votes.

After 53 years, the tainted MCA president continues to rely on old and stale issues, devoid of any innovative thoughts to forward Malaysia as one nation.

Chua’s comments, published by an equally sub-standard political newspaper, shows that Chua has failed to look at himself in the mirror when raising issues to attack his political rivals.

In fact, every paragraph of the report can be rebuked easily, revealing Chua, the MCA and Barisan Nasional (BN)’s hypocritical politics.

Let’s rip apart Star‘s report from its headline down to its news text and you will see what it really means.

The headline, ‘Chua: Don’t risk it on PAS’ can be easily replaced with ‘Chua: Don’t risk it further on BN-Umno-Perkasa-Utusan Malaysia’.

The text, “Labis: A vote for PAS means endorsing its Islamic state concept and once given the support, even the DAP would be unable to influence the party or protect Chinese interests, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek said.”

What a joke that MCA is able to influence Umno or protect Chinese interest. It may as well read, “A vote for Umno means further endorsing Umno-Perkasa’s Islamic state.”

Star: “’Such an endorsement would bring the dream of PAS – turning the country into an Islamic state – a step closer to reality,’ he said when addressing devotees of the Teng Toh Tong temple here yesterday.”

Let’s face reality – BN-Umno-Perkasa has already declared Malaysia an Islamic state. What’s the difference?

Star: “’The PAS brand of Islamic state would paralyse development in the country because their priority is to get people to base their lifestyle on what they (PAS) think is proper,’ he said.”

Is that so? Is Kelantan paralysed?

Star: “Apart from this, Dr Chua added, PAS rule would derail the 1Malaysia concept where all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, would be taken care of in the country’s development.”

Is that so? Is MCA defending us against the racist and unity-destroying Utusan Malaysia, the mouthpiece of Umno? I only hear PAS and PKR defending non-Muslims against the racial slurs vomited by Umno-Perkasa.

And what about Umno leaders who say “Balik China, India, Cina, India semua penumpang saja,” (Go back to China, India. Chinese, Indians are only squatters in the country) and the classic, “Kita tidak perlu undi orang Cina, India untuk menang,” (We don’t need Chinese, Indian votes to win), as uttered by Umno leaders in Titiwangsa , Malacca and Penang?