Go ahead, knock Anwar down but in a debate :PAS dares Najib

(Malaysia Chronicle) – Prime Minister Najib Razak has been told to quit his rhetoric and to stop shying away from a debate with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

“Just debate. There’s no use to put up a show from afar,” said PAS vice president Mahfuz Omar.

He was commenting on Najib’s excuse to decline a debate invitation with Anwar, saying Anwar should first solve his “personal problems” before intervening in other affairs.

Najib also denied he was afraid of Anwar.

“Why should I be afraid of debating with him? I’m prime minister, I have all information. If I expose them…adoi… he will get a fever,” he told reporters during a visit to Tenang, which will see a by-election this month.

Mahfuz however challenged Najib to prove his claims.

“If it is true that Najib has all the information on Anwar, and if he leaks, and Anwar will get fever, why wait? Don’t chicken out anymore. Take Anwar’s challenge to debate and reveal all the information. The people want to know too,” he said.

Anwar yesterday renewed his challenge to Najib for an open debate on Pakatan Rakyat’s ‘first 100 day reforms’ pledge, which the latter had dismissed as “unrealistic”.

Saying that the debate was crucial, Anwar said Najib’s acceptance would strengthen democracy, promote freedom of information and restore the country’s economy.

‘What about your personal problems?’

Mahfuz added that was no need for Najib to interfere into Anwar’s personal problems because the prime minister himself had been “running away from his personal issues”.

“There’s no need to ask Anwar to solve his personal problems when he himself has never stopped running from his personal problems such as the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.