Tenang by election: A snapshot of government abuse

  1. As the by-election for Tenang is getting closer, the news of power abuse by Johor State Education Department (JSED) Director Markom Giran takes center stage. It was reported that he had called for a meeting among teachers and use them in profiling the parents via the students input into BN, non BN supporters and the fence sitters. He talks about converting the non BN supporters and the fence sitters in ensuring they will vote BN

  2. It reminds me of the Nazi’s in WW II where they too had gone initiated a human profiling system where they would segregate the Jews and Non Jews. The JSED had apparently issued a transfer order to the husband of Puan Normala after it PAS had announced that she would be contesting in Tenang. It was subsequently withdrawn after it became clear that it could be a political issue that PR can capitalize.

  3. With strong and irrefutable evidence like a video on the YouTube, it is clear that the JSED had abused his position and power. Sadly the Ministry of Education has not even raised a whimper on the matter. This is a snapshot on government abuse of the government machinery.

  4. People like Markom Giran cant seems to appreciate his role as a government servant in a professional manner. He is not able to differentiate the support for the policies of the government of the day and the political party that governs the government of the day. I believe there is many more Markom Giran out there. This people thrive under the protection of the political powers and survived the system and reached the top based on some ability and plenty of networking.

  5. An election is supposed to be about fair play. In this case and also in the past election in this country, there is no fair play. The government controlled media, the use of official functions as a platform for campaigning and many other tactical measures gives the government of the day the edge that they need to ensure a greater probability of a win. It only suggest one thing i.e. there is a strong probability that BN would lose many seats in this country if they were contesting in a “truly level playing field”.