Tenang by-election: updates on the ground 15-16Jan

Just simple evidence that Najib has already started (illegal) campaigning. He’s visiting the area Jan 18 and lucky draws are loaded with prizes like motorbikes.

By Air Kosong

Two weeks I provided some basic details about the battleground. Last weekend Jan 15-16 I went there to help out with the preparation works. Here is some updates on the ground.

Again, I should highlight that the name ‘Tenang’ is misleading. Most of the voters and activities are at the Labis town. The actual ‘Tenang’ or ‘Tenang Station’ town is a small part of the constituency and don’t get much buzz there. I raise this because we had two volunteer friends from JB mistook the Tenang town as where we should meet when we were waiting at the Labis town.

‘Balik negeri Cina’

Let me start with an anecdote of my experience at a residential area called Taman Tenang. I received my first ever insult of ‘balik negeri Cina’ there. As a preparation for the by-election, a survey is conducted to identify and understand the local issues. I helped out by running around carrying the survey forms. So I decided to venture to that area. When I bumped into the 60ish pakcik, at most he looked enthusiastic to me and responded to my survey. He eventually turned agitated and started threatening me, first with that ‘balik negeri Cina’ insult and then followed by pointing to the two guys at the next table, saying “dia orang SB, boleh tangkap awak ke lokap di Melaka” (“they are from the Special Branch and they can lock you up in Malacca”). The pakcik was apparently unhappy that my presence may steal some UMNO votes away. He was incapable of reason and I am sad that he’s so intoxicated by UMNO’s racist dogma. I just retreated silently from the area not wanting to attract any trouble. I must mention that the first interviewee I got in that area was actually quite open and asked sensible questions on issues. All is not lost.

Expect huge police presence and intimidation

When I passed by the huge temporary complex, I was shocked. Eventually I learned that it’s a temporary housing complex for the police personnel. So expect heavy police presence in the by-election but hopefully not the heavy-handedness and brutality typical of Polis Raja Di Malaysia.

From far, the shiny mega complex is so intimidating. “Who would build such a temporary structure at that scale?”

Each tent is apparently equipped with gigantic aircon system. It must be very comfortable inside.

Workers are hard at work for the very comfort of our police.

The site’s self-sustained power generator. We need lots of electricity to cool the complex and obviously Tenaga should not be burdened with it.

A large car park is built from scratch too. Just for use of ten days, maybe.

Government gets busy, temporarily

As usual, various government ministries go on high gear organising activities to the sleepy town of Labis. Large-scale activities are organised at Dataran Labis.

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