How Rocky raped WikiLeaks to screw Rais

So where’s the WikiLeaks cable, Rocky?

There are 994 secret US diplomatic cables from Kuala Lumpur held by the WikiLeaks team. Only two have been published.
WikiLeaks' record of cables from KL
No cables out of Jakarta have yet been published. One Singapore cable about Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Tun Razak was leaked to an Australian newspaper. It was not published at WikiLeaks.

by uppercaise
Truth was a casualty when Rocky of Rocky’s Bru resurrected a four-year-old rumour about Rais Yatim to hit back at the information minister.

To put it bluntly, Rocky lied, using his headline to ride on WikiLeaks’ name and reputation in order to grab new attention to an old story, as part of his campaign against Rais.

How Rocky raped WikiLeaks to screw Rais
The original posting. He claimed it’s from WikiLeaks

If Rocky was just another blogger it might not really matter. But Rocky (Datuk Ahiruddin Atan) is a former editor of the Malay Mail, president of the press club, past president of a bloggers’ alliance and committee member of a new bloggers’ alliance.

He’s also editorial adviser to Bernama TV, against which he ran a campaign in 2008. Bernama TV’s contract subsequently fell into the hands of Redberry, the communications group owned by a Najib Tun Razak ally which now also owns the Malay Mail and Malaysian Reserve. Rocky is also the editorial adviser there.

By profession he is a journalist. But the method he used is of double-speak, the method of the propagandist. Declaring the source to be WikiLeaks made it look like a big scoop. (Three weeks later, no one has claimed to have seen any such WikiLeaks document.) But after naming Wikileaks in the headline he turns vague and wishy-washy:

I have not been able to lay my hands on a said Wikileaks series of diplomatic whisper in 2007

And in the second paragraph, he says again,

I can’t say for sure it existed in the first place. But there has been talk.

He doesn’t even know if it exists? Then why say so in the headline?

Asia Sentinel's original report on Jan 3

The Sentinel changes its mind

Others jumped on the WikiLeaks headline and followed up, essentially repeating the lie. 

Asia Sentinel reported it as WikiLeaks on Jan 3. Later the Sentinel corrected their posting, with asterisks on the headline and subhead pointing to a paragraph buried at the end that explained that they had not found any WikiLeaks cable.

But the lie kept being repeated. On Jan 5, The Star, for example, blithely carried on, 12 days after Rocky’s headline, more than enough time to have checked the WikiLeaks web site.