Ummi wants to ‘save the country’ from Anwar



Ummi Hafilda Ali, who was a key witness in Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy and abuse of power trial in 1999, re-surfaced today and threw a challenge to opposition leaders and others: take an oath on the Quran (sumpah laknat) and tell the truth.

She wants them to reveal the truth about Anwar’s sexual relationship with Shamsidar Taharin, the wife of PKR deputy president Azmin Ali. Ummi claimed the liaison was condoned by Azmin, her elder brother.

She challenged Anwar, PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Azmin, Shamsidar, and former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to take the oath.

She dared Anwar to sue her if the allegations are false.

Ummi, 43, was speaking at a packed press conference here to announce her plans to sue Pakatan Rakyat leaders for RM700 million for allegedly tarnishing her name and for trying to cover up Anwar’s alleged crime.

She wants to sue Anwar for RM300 million for allegedly abusing his power as deputy prime minister when he detained her unlawfully in 1997.

“I was arrested by 20 policemen in my friend’s home. Why treat me like that?”

Besides Anwar, Ummi plans to sue DAP chairman Karpal Singh for RM200 million for breach of trust and Wan Azizah for RM100 million for keeping mum about her husband’s “misconduct”.

RM100 million loss

Ummi also is targeting PAS with a RM100 million suit because the party once sent its central committee Mohamad Sabu to hear her side of the story, but now backs Anwar.

She said she was seeking legal action because she wants justice and that she suffered a loss of RM10 million in business opportunities, which had not been compensated.

She also alleged that Shamsidar received inducement amounting to RM20 million to cover her alleged sexual relationship with Anwar.

In addition, Ummi claimed that Shamsidar was offered RM8.496 million along with director’s post in Phileo Allied Bank in 1994.

“She was also offered an Audi car and an office in a penthouse,” Ummi said, adding that Anwar’s former political ally-turned-nemesis, S Nallakaruppan, knew about the inducement.

She also alleged Azmin had offered her RM50 million to retract her statement regarding the (Shamsidar) sex scandal.

“Azmin begged me to take the money and go to Paris or London after I have retracted the statement but I refused.”

“I didn’t mean to be cruel to my elder brother but enough is enough,” Ummi said, adding that she kept quiet for the past 13 years out of respect for her mother’s wishes to be patient with Azmin.

‘They covered each other’s asses’

On Anwar-Azmin relationship, she said: “I think they covered each other’s asses.”

She also challenged Wan Azizah to reveal the truth about her husband.

“For the first time in your life, please admit who really is god’s gift to Malaysia.”

Ummi also urged the government to investigate Azizah’s background as she alleged that Azizah is a Korean adopted by a Malay family.

She said because of this background, Azizah never had the Malay spirit and wanted to do away with Malay rights.

She claimed Azmin revealed Azizah’s history to her 15 years ago.

Ummi also said that the suit was intended to clear her credibility as an individual and a businesswoman.

She also denied that there was a conspiracy by Mahathir to topple Anwar.

“I neither received a single project nor a single sen from Mahathir,” said Ummi, who confirmed meeting the former prime minister in August 1998 and September 1998 – the day before Anwar was arrested.

She said the suit against Karpal was because “he is not trustworthy, has no integrity and has misused my trust”.

“He was excited with my relevation (about Anwar’s sexual tryst with Shamsidar) and got me to make an statutory declaration and raised the issue in Parliament.

“He along with PAS had pressured Mahathir to remove Anwar but now they are supporting him,” said Ummi.