Thou Shalt Not shun Local Based Political Parties

You failed miserably to justify and elaborate on why Sabahans must choose a local party to represent us!

By GM, Penampang Sabah

I take positive this comment on my latest article by tompipi49.

written by tompipi49, January 12, 2011 20:52:03
Stop flying kite and talking through your arsehole GM. Your claims that your team are in overdrive to get your supporters back maybe true but all your efforts are lame. The damages that was done to Sabah by these politicians from the west can no more be undone. In their book you are only a third class citizen not even a bumi status. The pilips and indons are better off. The destiny of Sabah lies in the hands of the local political parties and no more from the west. We are fed up of remote control by the west. Sabah and Sarawak must fight side by side for their rights. PKR may assist us in our struggle but otherwise they are all the same.

Dear tompipi49, I do not look down on local political parties like I recently used to. I too supported PBS before, when it was still the opposition in Sabah. I am, however, pissed with the blind support Sabahans have with local parties. They have failed miserably to justify and elaborate on why Sabahans must choose a local party to represent us!

USNO and Berjaya were local parties. Are they not controlled by the Peninsular? PBS of course is a local party; where are they now? Let’s talk about Sarawak. Is Sarawak not controlled by local parties? That is a definite yes. What damage have they done to the state? On the opposite side, we have the local Sarawak opposition parties. What have they achieved? Is it not Baru Bian that is gaining support of the locals in Sarawak?

Many Sabahans feel that the Politicians from the west have damaged Sabah. Do they mean the rigged party elections in PKR? Can they guarantee for sure that PKR is the only party that rigs their party election, and not any other political party registered in the ROS? Maybe Dr. Jeffrey is pitied, but PKR is not the only party in his political career he has bitterly left.

I respect your courage to speak up and defend the local parties, my friend, but which do you have in mind? PBS? PBRS? UPKO? LDP? Setia? Pasok? SPF (formerly BERSEKUTU)? Or is it SAPP? I have nothing so critical or crucial against SAPP (besides the fact they refuse to co-operate with Pakatan), there is news that a pact will be ironed out soon though. If SAPP is so perfect, why did Hiew King Cheu and Jimmy Wong leave SAPP to become DAP’s sole MP and Assemblyman for Sabah?

A local party to lead and represent Sabah will be very ideal indeed, but which one must we choose? Nothing is perfect as long as politics is concerned. State governments have come and gone, but the influx of illegal immigrants is still soaring. It is not a local party or a peninsular based party that decides to bring about change Sabah. It is the brand of leaders in that party that must choose to do something or just turn the other cheek.

I don’t get paid for my efforts to assist PKR in any way possible that I can to ensure that we slaughter Sabah BN come election, instead I incur costs. Costs that affect my wallet through my monthly salary. That is why I write letters to Malaysia Today instead of signing up (which will enable me to post comments as I don’t have the money to do so). I do hope that my postings contribute to make Malaysia Today more interesting. Even though the readers don’t know who I am, it is embarrassing to admit this, but after settling all monthly commitments, I use whatever I have to fund my own initiative with the hope of seeing and enjoying the downfall of BN.

There are other blogs and websites that I can contribute my opinions to. I choose Malaysia Today because it was the first “sort of Opposition-like” website that I opened way back during the time it first revealed the “Fourth Floor Boys” operations under former premier Dolah Badawi. So I am loyal to Malaysia Today. The same way I am loyal to PKR. Is it my fault to feel this way? If yes, then that’s the way it is.