Malaysians4Change Video Part 2 (English) The MATRIX

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Understand that the Matrix is a system of Economic Exploitation that works on keeping people in a mental state known as the Boiled Frog, keeping people in ignorance and asleep.

The Matrix is commonly known as the Rat Race System which is described in more detail here:…material-world.

Start with the Rat Race Parts I to III and continue from there.

The section on Malaysia is: THE RAT RACE PART V – THE MALAYSIAN RAT RACE.

The Matrix depends on CashFlow to survive and Banks are the intermediaries to facilitate it. Without banks, the system will crash.

That is why governments go to great lengths to protect and save the banks when they get into trouble. Hence the reason why the US Federal Reserve has printed trillions of US dollars to save Wall Street.

But the bankruptcies of Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers in 2008 is fatal and the financial system will come crashing soon. Protect yourselves by exchanging your cash for gold or silver.

In Malaysia, the banks are also vulnerable due to their extreme leverage. The Bank of International Settlement mandate an 8% reserve ratio, meaning banks should keep 8% of their deposits and lend out a maximum of 92%. That’s a leverage of 12 1/2 times. Today, Bank Negara mandate a reserve ratio of 1% as shown in the video above, meaning the banks have loaned out 100 times the deposit.

These deposits are loaned out long-term whereas bank deposits are short-term. When there is a loss of confidence in the banking system and people withdraw their deposits, there is a bank run. Invariably, banks fail and require a government bailout. This is the Achilles Heel of the modern banking system and by correlation, the Matrix.

When governments become oppressive and greedy, extreme inequality results

The solution is not in street protests.

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