The connection between the Altantuya and Teoh Beng Huat murders

By ManaBolehMalaysia

This is the biggest cover-up in the political history of Malaysia and we all fell for it four years after the Altantuya Shaaribuu murder on 18 Oct 2006. When the murder was exposed in late 2006, those in UMNO who were opposed to Najib’s impending ascend to the PM throne saw it as an opportunity to get rid of Najib through the ballot box in the 8 March 2008 General Election (GE).

Although the ruling party, Barisan National (BN) suffered badly, Najib managed to hold on to his seat by 500 votes through last minute postal vote inclusion. With Altantuya’s murder hanging over his head, Najib’s political career was hanging by a thread and not expected to mount a serious challenge to Badawi’s administration.

But Najib not only managed to force Badawi out of office but retook Perak by force and deception. It is one thing to take over a whole nation by physical force using the country’s corrupt police, administration and judiciary powers, it is another to wipe off the minds of the voting population the “guilty image” of a PM involved in a gruesome murder. With the momentum gained in the 2008 GE, a murder tainted PM would definitely lead the ruling government into disastrous poll in 2012 even with massive doses of voting frauds.

If you cannot erase the memories of a gruesome murder like you erase the data files in your computer or even immigration records, what else can you do? The next best strategy is to muddle the pool by creating even more turmoil and rumours so that the truth is hidden together with a pile of trash. Mass Deception is the latest technique in used all over the world now from 911 to the Gulf wars and financial scams.

Teoh Beng Huat’s mysterious and senseless death on 15 July 2009 at MACC headquarters was meant to provoke anger and hogged the limelight so that Altantuya’s murder paled in comparison and faded into the background; long enough for Najib to establish and stamp his authoritarian rule over a docile population. If Najib is successfully elected with a renewed and re-energised BN, Malaysia can look forward to another 20 years of dictatorial rule. Long enough to drain off Malaysia’s remaining wealth and bring the nation down to her knees become another Myanmar or Zimbabwe.  

A comparison of the Altantuya and Teoh Beng Huat murders bring out the extremes. Teoh’s murder needed to be so senseless, over a few thousand dollars in comparison to the hundreds of millions of dollars in the Scorpene Submarine Scandal associated with Altantuya’s murder. There was no apparent motive to contrast to the long drawn trysts between Altantuya, Baginda Razak and Najib Razak. The coroner’s inquiry lasted almost a year and the Royal Commision Inquiry will take just as long with an open verdict. In contrast, the trial for Altantuya’s murder was swift and the crime limited to two police officers. The guilty principals were protected and escaped punishment but so far no one at MACC was even accused of Teoh’s murder. Teoh’s suicide letter was a long “after-thought” fabrication compared to Altantuya’s scribbled note.

There was no doubt as to how Altantuya died; by a C4 explosion that blew her to pieces in a hidden part of the jungle. Teoh’s death was meant to be controversial despite the dead body being intentionally “discovered” at MACC headquarters itself; without a shadow of doubt that Teoh had fallen from 14th Floor where he was interrogated. The cctv recording was clearly used to reveal just enough to create ambiguities to confuse the situation. Teoh was going to be happily married with a child along the way and a promising career to look forward to. In contrast, Altantuya was a “problem” to be discarded after a torrid love affair which would have destroyed the career of a deputy Prime Minister. The extremes in the two murders could not be so fortuitous without some deliberation on Teoh’s murder to muddle the pool and keep the focus of Altantuya’s murder. It is a Freudian slip and a mind game; designed to move attention to the other end of the light spectrum.  

The question is whether the spate of senseless police killings and brutalities that followed Teoh’s murder were similarly designed to provoke ill-feelings, public outcry and racial tension. The Malaysian public had been taken on a merry-go-round ride and made dizzy enough to vote back BN. It is human nature to revert back to the status quo amidst all the confusion and turmoil. This message was brought to you at great risk to the writer. Judge for yourself the logic and sensibility of this article. Look beyond the magician’s deceptive hands as the future of Malaysia, your children and children’s children will be made to pay for one man’s folly and the insatiable appetite of his wife.