Don’t let Opposition into your longhouses, village chiefs told

The Broken Shield

This was the headline in The Borneo Post dated 10 Jan 2011 which quoted Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Andrew Shilling Banggit as saying.

“Longhouse chiefs have the right to say who can or cannot enter their premises. For instance, they can shut the door if they are approached by members of the Opposition who only want to spread ill-will in their longhouse,” he said.

“Don’t accept them (Opposition) into your longhouse. Longhouse chiefs have the right to prevent them from coming into their longhouses,” he said when officiating at a fire-prevention programme at Rumah Unjah Besh, Sungai Melanggan, Sibu.

The programme was organised by Rumah Unjah Besh’s village development and security committee (JKKK) in collaboration with the Sungai Merah Fire Rescue Services Department.

Penghulu James Semilan, Penghulu Jeffrey Sut and Tuai Rumah Unjah Besh were among those present.

Shilling, who represented Second Minister finance Minister Datuk Sri Wong at the function, cautioned longhouse dwellers that the opposition had the capacity to ‘poison’ their minds to hate the government.

“Thus, you must all be careful when allowing people or parties to come to your longhouse”.

He added that longhouse folk especially from Bawang Assan constituency must continue to back the government as they still needed numerous developments to uplift their living standard.

Now let us compare this story with another from Opar, Lundu. Both of these constituencies are under Sarawak United People’s Party. The following story appeared also on The Borneo Post dated 12 Jan 2011.