Public land and rising prices: Rakyat didahulukan?

Another Brick in the Wall

A dispute is brewing in Bandar Tasek Selatan between developer Maju Holdings and the rakyat.

About 200 residents from both side of the political divide, both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat supporters, held a protest against the developer.

Star blog reported shouting match in the meeting between residents and developer in the presence of Federal Minister, Raja Dato Nong Chik.

Bandar Tun Abdul Razak UMNO Division Secretary and blogger Sang Kelembai, Zaharin Yassin was thrown out from the meeting. It is heard that Zaharin is threatening to resign his UMNO post if the Federal Territory Minister compromise with the developer.

Maju is owned by entrepreneur Tan Sri Abu Sahid Mohamad or popularly known as Abu Juling (cross-eyed Abu). They developed the Bandar Tasek Selatan in Bandar Tun Abdul Razak, Cheras.

The dispute is about Maju deciding to forego the planned construction for Phase 6 of 2,033 units of apartments and changed plan to build five bungalows. Also is the erection of fences on land earmarked for public recreation and public access road.

Over the weekend, prices of basic controlled item goods are rising unannounced. Domestic Trade Minister is said to not know. And BN is facing a by-election in Johor.

Is this kind of issues necessary for a rakyat didahulukan Government?

Zaharin could not be contacted to confirm this. [Bro, you don’t owe me money. Don’t worry to pick up my call.]

The Bernama reported on this dispute: