A categorical imperative for all governments including our PM

By J. D. Lovrenciear

All governmnts whether they are of developed or developing nation status, have a categorical imperative towards protecting their citizens’ interest first. And that means at the price of ‘at all costs’ — even if it means that the government must throw the towel in and walk away like a gentlemen when it is deemed a failure at the ballot box.

That is true democracy. That is the corner stone for building civil liberties to new heights.

Any other versions cannot be sanctioned in tomorrow’s fascinating world of globalization including the Tun Doctor’s much propogated ‘managed democracy’.

All said, the government of Malaysia is no exception to this universal fundamental of the 21st century. Just look at how China has changed for that matter.

Hence if the PM wants the BN govenment to stay in power in the coming polls for all the ‘right’ reasons that he or his team have been stressing, then here are a select few issues he may want to ponder, seek enlightenment and deal with in the spirit of what Dr Martin Luther King Jr said: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

  1. How did C4 get to be used in the grisly and brutal murder of the Mongolian citizen?
  2. How did the immigration records of the same Mongoian citizen dissappear from the files / system?
  3. Why do we see big time defence spendings going into the hands of small time Sdn Bhds? Shouldn’t the deals be made by the ex-servicemen’s associations or the ministry itself to reap the economies of scale?
  4. Why is the PM’s wife attracting so much of negative media publicity? Is she breaking away from the Malaysian tradition of what and how a leader’s spouse ought to be and instead is already well on a super-fast lane? Look, people are asking questions like why is she meeting Heads of States when your Deputy PM should have done the job when you were sick, remember?
  5. Why is DSAI’s ‘sodomy’ trial trailing like an unending film reel?
  6. Whatever is happening to PETRONAS’ black gold earnings? Do the citizens and ‘opposition’ party leaders not have a right to know how your team is spending all the money meant to give Malaysia a huge insurance for the future?
  7. Why is it taking a never ending saga to get all ministers to declare their assets and gain bonus points for BN’s credibility from the rakyat? 
  8. Whatever happened to all the past mammoth court cases involving the nation’s reputation health? Why is it so difficult to convince the majority of the population that the ‘correct, correct, correct’ case is correct after all, for example? Or the PERWAJA case? Or the PKFTZ case? Or the late little ‘Maharaja’ Palace in Klang?

Oh there are many more. Perhaps readers and citizens can help enrich the database as part of your contribution to the government in their earnest aspiration to clean up and come clean as well.

If the present government can do so we do not need to fight so many battles. We need not have to spend millions more on the coming run-up to General Elections. We can in fact use all the money to keep the subsidies and pay to service the nation’s borrowings for all the spanking mega-projects.

And the crowning glory is BN can win hands down. Why not? Otherwise just like what the PM himself warned, we are going to brutally hurt the nation, and why not?