An open letter to all Malaysians: Enough of lies and promises

Written by Bobby

I am a tired Malaysian.
I’m tired of all the lies.
I am tired of being bombarded by messages meant to confuse, misguide and lead me where the government wants us to go.

Here’s the truth.

No one party has all the answers.

Not Barisan Nasional,

not Pakatan Rakyat,

not MCLM, Third Force or whatever they choose to call themselves, or even barbers and taxi drivers.

You see us as cows and you the cow herders call us, not by name,

you definitely don’t know our names.

But by demographics, group, age, economic status and worst of all, race.

You take aim at the vulnerable.

You tell the elderly that the other party will steal your security, but make them stand in

lines at the public hospitals.

The elderly cry “my pension” and you promise, “We’ll fix it.”

The only thing you need to fix are the broken promises you’ve all made before.

You create fear-filled television messages, with ominous looking images of angry people picked by you because they have no jobs, while you recite facts twisted to fit your view.

In truth they are snippets of reality, incomplete sound bites and images of your opponent looking their worst.

You wave flags and gather your family for a portrait, shake hands with our military,
nod your head in agreement with union leaders,
stand near an Orang Asli whose very livelihood is being plowed under by over-regulation and huge corporate control and we become numb to the relentless pounding of the distant drums of doom.

The past 30 years has been called the “dumbing down of Malaysia.”

You talk about securing our borders and strengthening our defence with pointless purchases of war machines.

All of this while you fight on the floor of Parliament, in the halls of the state assemblies and the corrupt chambers of local government over nothing more than the betterment,
not of the people you serve,
but your party’s agenda and control.

No one individual can solve all of Malaysia’s problems.

Not the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Not Anwar Ibrahim.

And not political celebrities or on air personalities.
We all must work together or together we continue failing as a nation.