Stop all these Cover Ups and Whitewash

By Din Merican

On December 30, 2010, I posted Tan Sri Robert Phang’s New Year’s Press Statement because I share his wishes and hopes for all Malaysians that God’s Blessings be upon all of us, that we become a truly 1Malaysia nation in the pursuit for Unity, Truth and Justice.

Hardly has the new year started, that wish was immediately dashed yesterday when the MACC Corruption Prevention Panel Chairman, Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, declared that the MACC Board members and Panel Advisers were satisfied with A-G Gani Patail’s explanation of his recent haj pilgrimage to Mecca with Tajuddin’s proxy, Shahidan Shafie.

Ramon said that the MACC Board and Panel members were satisfied with A-G Gani Patail’s explanation and found that there was no need to investigate the allegations. That is indeed amusing.

Overzealous Ramon Navaratnam should resign

In short, the MACC Board and Panel members had cleared A-G Gani Patail without even investigating the allegations. Ramon’s statement and clearing of A-G Gani Patail without an investigation violate the very cardinal function of the MACC as set out under section 7 (b) of the  MACC Act, which is  to detect and investigate:

i) any suspected offence under this Act;
ii) any suspected attempt to commit any offence under this  Act;
iii) any suspect ted conspiracy to commit any offence under this Act.

On this ground alone, Ramon should step down from his Chairmanship and so should each and every member of the MACC Board and Panel who subscribed to Ramon’s views.  One MACC advisor who chose to distance himself from Ramon’s statement is Tan Sri Robert Phang.

It was only last month that Tan Sri Robert Phang had called on A-G Gani Patail to clear his name over his relationship with Shahidan. Taking umbrage at Ramon’s haste to clear A-G Gani Patail, Tan Sri Robert Phang has issued a Press Statement (which posted earlier on this blog) refuting Ramon’s disclosure of the confidential meeting which now appears was orchestrated to clear AG Gani Patail’s name. Phang has called this a whitewash that will earn public displeasure against the government.

No one is above the Law

Malaysians still remember the numerous occasions that the MACC and other so called independent bodies had been used to clear A-G Gani Patail and former IGP Musa Hassan. In 2007, A-G Gani Patail had used the MACC to clear both Musa Hassan and Johari Baharom of corruption allegations that they hurled against each other. On another occasion, a 3 member panel comprising of former Federal and Court of Appeal judges also cleared Gani Patail and Musa Hassan of allegations of fabrications in the Anwar Ibrahim “Black Eye Incident” .

Mat Zain’s Open Letter to Solicitor-General

Just earlier today, Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, former KL CID Chief, has again accused A-G Gani Patail and Musa Hassan of fabrication of DNA evidence against Anwar Ibrahim in Sodomy I. Day in day out during the trial in Sodomy I, Musa Hassan had carried a soiled mattress to court to show Anwar’s DNA samples on the mattress to prove the alleged sexual acts. That evidence was eventually totally thrown out by the court.

Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim has now appealed to the Solicitor-General Datuk Idrus Harun to end the alleged cover-up of the case, which took place after the sacking of Anwar as deputy prime minister more than 12 years ago. There are just too many cover ups involving AG Gani Patail and the MACC.