It’s a royal rebuke, Sultan’s sec tells MB

(Free Malaysia Today) – The Sultan of Selangor approved the criticisms against Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim in a statement released from his palace last Tuesday, according to the official who signed it, the ruler’s private private secretary, Mohamad Munir Bani.

Speaking at a press conference here today, Munir denied that the critical remarks represented his personal opinion, as Khalid has alleged.

He also denied that he was an Umno agent and had politicised the palace.

Tuesday’s statement explained how Mohamed Khusrin Munawi was appointed to the post of State Secretary. It said it was “not appropriate” for Khalid to have proceeded with making his own choice for the job.

“I released the statement after discussing it with the Sultan and with his consent,” Munir told reporters. “The Sultan himself reviewed and scrutinised each and every paragraph. Legal matters were referred to his legal adviser and discussed among members of the royal family.”

He claimed he was apolitical.

“The palace cannot be dragged into political matters,” he said. “I am disappointed that people claim that I am an Umno-BN man.  I am only carrying out my duties as stipulated.  As a government officer, I have to be neutral.”

Munir also called for an end to speculation that there are strains in the relations between the palace and the Selangor administration and said Khusrin should be given a chance to prove himself.

“Let him serve,” he said. “We’ll see how he works.”