Anal Retentive dUMNO speech – Part 2


Selamat Sejahtera, Ketuanan NON NON, Melayu, NON, dan lain-lain seklian. Yesterday, I was told that my terrer-terrer England was good. Today, I will continue to speaking England even more terrer-er, and address the Nation. The Land where my Blood Spill. Actually, no, My blood spilled in Indonesia, but you, the real and original Malays are too stupid to know that. Really. Doktor Kerala said in his previously banned book, right on the first page, “Malays are STUPID because they are so inbred”. Hahahahahaha, but because that book was “wrotten” in England, no one knew how to read it. We, the NON NONs have kept the real and original Malays stupid enough for the past 50 years, and now have overthrown the country. We, the dUMNO NON NON’ are now the Ketuanan Kings !! Even the stupid 9 Kings are scared of us !!!

You, the real and original Malays are really so stupid, as Doktor Kerala said. We, the NON NONs gave you a few goats and cows, and you became happy. In return, we have robbed the country blind of everything. We are so damn blardy proud of it, that even though we discussed it openly the other day, telling the entire world where we, the NON NON’s datang from, and yet, you stupid real, and original Malays did absolutely NOTHING !!! You are No Stupider than a rock !! I repeat !!

The real and original Malays of Malaysia are no stupider than a ROCK !!! And just as stupid are the other NON’. Yeah, those sons of Prostitutes and Beggars, and the “dan lain-lain” groups have all believed in our NON NON lies, and sit and beg us for more. Well, almost all, except for that stupid Famous Porn Star who insists on still discussing it. And then worse, there’s another group, who all went to skool, or university or something want to challenge our NON NON lie of the non-written document. We, the NON NON’s already said, “STOP asking questions and shaddup !! ” Unfortunately, they went to skool. And they passed. And they are more qualified than my Form 3 kertas.

And why am I so bold to speak up today, and say that the real and original Malays are STUPID?? Hahahahahahaha For once, I will tell you. Firstly, we have kept this secret from the entire world, and today, I have balls to say it, because the take-over of this country is complete. Firstly, let’s start with the British. Itu Orang Haram can’t tell the difference between a Batak, Jawa, Mojopohit, Minangkabau, Sunda, Sumba, Flores, Balinese nor a Turk !! They really don’t know the difference. Heck, they can’t tell the difference if we brought in an extra Thai, or a Burmese !! They think all brown people are the same. So that’s the first weakness. Hah, ada lagi !! The dumb British simply used a term discontinued since 1885 called Malayo-Polynesian. And we said that the word Polynesian is too susah to pronounce, so, Malayo is easier, and we decided to use keep the word Malayo. That term is actually dumb, because it links two separate groups together as one. It’s just like saying “Filipina Arab”, or “Brunei SingKaporian”. No meaning, right? Ya, Kita tahu, so we took advantage of that, and decided on the word “Malay”.

Next. Phase Two. We, the NON NON Perajurits of Srivijaya then decided to infiltrate Malaya. Firstly, there were only 50,000 real and original Melayu (so stupid some more), in the Semenanjung, when the British were here. Today, we managed to import 12,000,000 pendatang NON NON’s, and pretend to be Melayu !! Bt guess what? The stupid Melayu also can’t tell the difference !!! Hahahahahahahaha !!

Bodoh betul ni orang. And the NON’s also are stupid. No one knew how to do the Matematik, that to get from 50,000 to 12 million, you need every single real and original Melayu woman to give birth to more than 25 children, (whether the woman is living, or dead, child till grandmother !! Same tactic as our dead-voters-lah) Hahahahahahaha ! I don’t care how itchy, or highly sexed, or how many kilos of Ali’s walking stick you eat. You can even eat the entire tree for all I care !! No one can give birth to 25 children ever !! But the stupid Malays believed this was possible. Adoiiiiiiiiiiii……. No wonder Doktor Kerala said that you are bodoh betul !! He is so correct !!

You see all the nama Kampong which is all over Malaysia today. Kampong Jawa means the people datang from Jawa. Kampong Cham means the people datang from Champa. and so on. Practically every name of every Kampong has it’s original Kampong name somewhere else. Even a stupid name like Lumut, has it’s original Lumut in West Sumatera near Nias Island. Oh, Indonesia-Sayang, tanah tumpahnya darahku.. How I miss my motherland……….. Fortunately, we can go back every year to menziarah our family during Raya.

Now, phase Tree. Or izzit Three? No one pronounces the “h” anyway, so Fasa Tiga is better.

The so obvious lie of ParameSonOfaSamsengFromSumateraWhoRanAwayFastFast as a pendatang and later having his bloodline murdered in Johor, means that there is no more bloodline. Except for that Perak Sultan. But how many of you know that he married an Orang Asli wife? Ha Dunno-leh. WHy? We, the NON NON keept he best secrets !! Best part is this… just because we call him a Sultan, then people believed. What qualifies one to be a Sultan? How come the Bendehara of Johore, who replaced the murdered Sultan, is called a Royal Blood today? See !! You stupid real and original Malays never think wan !!! Hahahahahaha, We tipu you kau-kau oso you dunno ! Wait, next I will declare myself to be the Sultan of Penang ! And make big big trouble for the NON LGE (sounds like LG Electronics) idiot !! Then I will Ketuanan him to death ! And maybe burn a few more churches like our brothers in Indonesia. They burnt 1,200 already. We only burnt 3 !! Cheh ! Celaka, we have a lot of catching up to do. I think I’ll call my cousin from Java to come over next month and help me burn a few more here.

Phase four. Did you know that in 1963, Lee Kuan Yew qualified to be Prime Minister of Malaysia? Yep. We never tell you only. And that’s why from that day onwards, we, the NON NONs decided that ALL Baba’s and Nyonyas should NO LONGER be a Bumiputra !! That stupid LKY was a BABA !! And that babi BABA qualifies to become PM of Malaysia !! So, despite the fact that it was enshrined in the Constitution, we, the NON NONs decided to change the Constitution so that BABA’s can no longer be Bumiputra. Since the other groups were too stupid, we allowed them to be Bumiputra. Like the Portuguese pendatangs are called Bumiputra. Did you all know that? But recently, the Orang Asli are now officially labelled Pendatang !! We, the Ketuanan NON NON’s have Bastardized the Malaysian Constitution. And you know why? No one cares !!! Really !! Except for that stupid Fat Botak Fella, mana Ada??

And those who say anything intelligent, we, the NON NONs will say that you are insulting either the King, Islam, or combinations of that-lah. Simple, we just make it up along the way. No wonder we have Ketuanan. This is Ketuanan is really about. And we love it, and we will defend our rights, of Ketuananhood for the next 50 years. And not afraid of Crushing Bodies, and Bloodletting so that we can defend PutraJaya. Ya. God told us to tell you stupid real and original Malays to go screw yourselves !! We have even taken your name, identity, and your rights. After all, there’s only 50,000 of you, of whom so many of us Pendatang NON NONs have screwed (literally, for RM20), and have children, that the Rojak kids that are running around the streets are worthless Mongrels. Just like the NONs, and the “dan Lain-lain” B**tards.

You know what irritates me the most-ah. This Fat Botak Fella and his STUPID website, who now lives in England. Ya!! THAT Fat Botak fella !! Say his name oso I sakit kepala ah !! Arrest him so many times oso he dowan to give up. Threaten his son to makan razor blade oso he dowan to give up. Call his wife ugly, oso he degil !! How-lah laidet? Yeeeeeeeeeeee. Denki sama dia !! He, and his friends are such a pain in the ass to dUMNO !!! Naymine, next time we plan something teruk for him. Must ask those Israeli PR fellas again. Pay them 20 million dunno for what. Haiz… they only know how to enjoy Bak Kut Teh. OK-lah, send my NON to Tapau a few packets for them. Then we bincang.

Finally, I tell you what the biggest secret is. Remember the 50,000 real and original Malays whom I was speaking about? Ya. the secret is this. Peninsular don’t have anymore. The Real and Original Malays all live in Sarawak !! Yes, all the 50,000 real and original Malays, the only leftover true-blue Malays of Malaysia, live in Sarawak !! Did you know that the only Malays in the World, live in Kepulauan Riau, Palembang, SingKapor, Brunei, Philippines and Sarawak only? I benci that Hornbill State-lah !! Why? Coz dUMNO can’t infiltrate that state at all !!! Imagine that !!! The ONLY State in Malaysia which has real unadulterated true-blue Malay Blood, and we, the Ketuanan NON NON’s cannot go in there. I tell you-lah, we scared !!

We can wayang maximum here on the Semenanjung, but cannot touch those buggers there in Sarawak !! Look at the banci stats-lah. They will show you that Malays are 3% in Sarawak. And that 3% are 50,000 !!! Adoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. Maybe I should go and call Guruji, and slaughter a few more chickens, and see how….

Naymine. Speaking of chickens, I will now go find myself another chicken to screw. Maybe find one of those cute-cute S$12,000 ones in SingKapor. Can ponteng meeting werd. Hahahahahaha. Anyone of you want to organize meeting in SingKapor tell me OK? And don’t say “Ngak Bisa, Dong…” I slap you ah… Already you create enough trouble by bringing all your Indonesian and Indian Culture over. Already we changed original Malay to Bahasa Baku, which is a direct copy of Bahasa Indonesia, not enough for you izzit? Eh, You almost got everyone into trouble about Batik, Pendet, and Rasa Sayang. Dun-lah Laidet. We can only defend you so much-leh.

Lastly, one can walk into dUMNO meeting, and say “P*** MELAYU”, and NO ONE will get insulted. Why? Coz we all already announced that we, the NON NON’s  are Jawa, Sumatera, Bugis, Sulawesi, Aceh, Pattani, Batak, Turki and so on. Mana ada Melayu, other than Sarawak? Hahahahahahaha And Sarawak does not have dUMNO members. Bodoh punya NON, Bodoh punya Melayu, and Bodoh punya “dan lain-lain”.

VIVA Ketuanan dUMNO !!
Kita sudah menang !! Yeayyyyyyyy !!


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