‘Who was Umno kneeling to on Carlsberg issue?’

By Free Malaysia Today

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Selangor Umno liaison chairman Noh Omar is spitting at the sky if he thinks that PAS is afraid of DAP in relation to the issue of shutting down a liquor factory in the state. This was Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad’s reaction to Noh’s recent comment about his (Khalid’s) visit to Carlsberg.

“Doesn’t he know that when you spit at the sky, it falls back on you?

“I have a question for Umno: If indeed PAS is afraid to close down Carlsberg because of DAP, then who was Umno kneeling down to when it allowed the brewery to continue with its operation during the Barisan Nasional rule?” asked Khalid

Khalid said Noh is unaware that when “you spit it hits you back on your face!”

He was rebutting Noh’s recent comments in Malaysiakini regarding Khalid’s unconventional working visit to Carlsberg factory on Aug 5.

Khalid visited the 38-year-old brewery on a fact-finding mission aimed at asking the management if it had plans to move as well as to see if the location was a good alternative for the proposed Shah Alam bus terminal.

Noh, who is also Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister, in his interview had pointed out to a Pakatan Rakyat campaign pledge to shut down the factory and linked it to Khalid.

Khalid said Pakatan Selangor was still new, and it was focusing on empowering the people. Hence, shutting down the landmark brewery could not be carried out hastily.