Should it be Islam first or Malay first?

By Changing our Mindset

Lately, we can see than there are parties that are taking advantage on issue related to Malays and Islam. It seems that in Malaysia, Muslim are Malays and Malays are Muslim. That is the main problem here.

Any issue related to Muslim is taken care as if it is a Malay issue. Malays are sensitive because they think that anything insulting Malays means it is insulting Islam. But they are not sensitive of other religions sensitivity when they stepped on the cow head which is the God of Hindu, which in Malaysia ironically refers to Indians. Malaysians have the wrong understanding where they tend to relate certain race with certain religion. Muslim are Malays and Hindu are Indians. There is no where in the Holy Quran stated that Muslim refers to Malay. When a Muslim dies, the angel would not ask what race are you but instead will ask what religion are you?

So, my question is whether should we tackle the Islam sensitive issues from a Malay’s perspective or from a Muslim perspective. If you take it from a Muslim perspective then it will be easy to resolve because your judgment is based on what is best for Islam and what does Islam say about it. But if you tackle the issue based on the Malay’s perspective that is where the all disagreements come from.

For example, the latest issue on Prayer’s for Lim Guan Eng. Even though it is yet to be proven true but let us just make it as a basis for our intellectual discussion.

From Islam point of view, it is not wrong to pray and ask for Allah’s forgiveness for your non Muslim friends. You may pray to Allah asking for good health of a non Muslim friend who might be ill, that is not wrong in Islam. Plus, you can do it anywhere and at anytime, such as after your 5 daily prayers or when you visit him at the hospital. It means that you can also pray for him in any occasion including Friday sermon. That is what Islam says. Every Muslim believes that Islam is a very friendly religion and it teaches us to be good to each and every creature created by Allah.

Now, let us take it from the Malays point of view.

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