Hudud: Twitter gives a glimpse of PR supporters’ stand

(Harakahdaily) KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 25: The debate on hudud laws has also echoed in micro-blogging site Twitter, with several users giving their wishlists for Pakatan Rakyat in a bid to urge the coalition to focus on Putrajaya.

One twitterati from Selangor, Vijay Kumar Murugavell, called on the three main opposition parties PAS, DAP and PKR to speed up efforts to register as a formal coalition with a common manifesto and symbol as well as to form a shadow cabinet, saying it would give Malaysians a glimpse of what one can expect in a Federal made up of Pakatan Rakyat.

He was at pains outlining three different steps to be taken by respective parties, hoping to help the three political parties widen their support base and public appeal.

In a nutshell, he urged PAS to concentrate more on fighting corrupt practices and less on issues concerning hudud laws.

Vijay also called on DAP to reinvent itself instead of relying on its Chinese vote bank, by taking an active role on issues that concern the Malays.

As for PKR, he urged the party to be more careful on selection of their candidates for the next general election.

PAS central committee member and Kuala Selangor member of parliament Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad pleaded to PR comrades to stop the debate on hudud, saying it would only destroy the coalition.

“Could PR leaders please avoid being embroiled in Hudud? We are in ‘self-destruct mode’ again. Please have mercy for our members and well-wishers,” said Dzulkefly.

Reminding leader of the Common Policy Framework (CPF) adapted by PR during their first convention last year, Dzulkefly said issues such as hudud should not be championed on a PR platform.

“We have our CPF, while each is free to profess and advocate our ideologies but not on PR platform and we respect each other’s freedom…,” he continued.

Advice to PAS, DAP

Another twitterati, a non-Muslim from Kuantan, said while he understood PAS’s agenda to introduce Islamic laws which included the Islamic penal laws, the party he said should first do some homework with regards to their implementation.

At the same time, he told DAP to “not quickly over react or condemn” the idea of setting up Islamic state, adding that the party should give space to PAS to talk about its benefits as the final decision was with the people.

He also called on DAP chairman Karpal Singh to be more tactful when expressing any disagreement.

Karpal had recently locked horns with PAS Murshidul Am Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, after the latter said hudud laws could solve rising crime rate plaguing the country.

“Karpal could have said, ‘I respect [Nik Aziz]’s aspiration and PAS’s stand on Islamic State (and) Islamic laws and I wish him luck. I hope he can find ways to amend (the) constitution…’,” he twitted, adding that such careful wordings would have rendered any clash of opinions among PR leaders to a minimum.