Solution for DAP PAS disagreement re hudud and Islamic State

By Pray for Malaysia

The issue of implementation of Islamic Hudud law (Syariah) and an Islamic state for Malaysia has cropped up again and can pit pro-hudud and Islamic state PAS against pro-secular state DAP which could lead to the unrevalling of the Pakatan Rakyat just like what happend in 2001 when DAP left the Barisan Alternatif coalition.

The dislodging of the decadent and decaying UMNO/BN from Putrajaya and introduction of badly needed reforms to Malaysia is seriously threatened by this possibility and all reasonable Malaysians will not want this to happen. The current momentum should be maintained at all costs especially now that there is a possibility to win Federal power. We have seen how the dastardly UMNO/BN has used their federal power to frustrate the state governments governed by Pakatan Rakyat.

However PAS will never be able to give up its aim to introduce hudud and make Malaysia an Islamic state probably because a Muslim is obligated to make these 2 a reality in their life. If PAS continue in its current stance, there is great danger of losing non-Malay and non-Muslim votes even if both PAS and DAP continue stay in its Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

On the other hand, DAP will find it extremely difficult to drop its insistance on Malaysia remaining a secular state and reject hudud. DAP if it continues to stay in Pakatan Rakyat in partnership with PAS while PAS continue to harp on hudud and Islamic state will also lose votes and may even be trounced in the election like what happened previously.

I appeal fervently to both PAS and DAP in particular and PKR in general to consider my suggestion to break this deadlock. Please please please do not play into the hands of UMNO/BN and hand them victory in the next general election. I have written on this issue before in Pakatan Rakyat should be a formal political party and not just a loose coalition. Below I will build on that.

Here is my opinion for a solution to the above. Pakatan Rakyat now has the Pakatan Rakyat CPF (Common Policy Framework) drawn up in December and which is a great platform on how PAS PKR and DAP can cooperate to win Federal power. May I humbly suggest that all the parties in Pakatan Rakyat should be political in the sense that its purpose is to win elections and form governments and its actions and policies should be solely based on the CPF. In this way, the aim of Pakatan Rakyat will not be jeopardize by this very major and fundamental difference between PAS and DAP.

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