Graft report lodged against assemblyman Jenice Lee

(Malay Mail) – Pandan MP Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat’s special officer, Cindy Leong Siew Kam, has lodged a report against DAP’s Teratai assemblyman Jenice Lee at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission office here today.

The report was on the sales of fans from the last general election, which was claimed to raise funds for a Chinese school in Pandan Prima.

Accompanied by Pandan area residents’ association representatives Terrence Ee, David Kow and Lim Ah Chai, Leong arrived at 9.15am to submit the document to the MACC.

“The submission of this document is to instigate an investigation on Jenice on the fans sold to the public for the purpose of donation in the last election. A picture of herself was printed on the fans, with a manifesto to build a new Chinese school there.

“It has been two years now but no school is in sight. The question now is, where has all the money gone? The handling of public funds that was raised last election should be held accountable. We want to know what happened,” she said.

“Last week Jenice said she had no confidence in the central’s government converting the status of the land title for a Chinese school to be built there. If I succeed, I want her to resign.

“If she had no confidence from the beginning, why proceed with raising funds? If she doesn’t want to build a school there, she owes residents an explanation, not just tell them that a recreational park will be built there due to lack of confidence in the central government. Anyway, where did the money go?”

Last Monday, The Malay Mail reported Pandan Perdana and Pandan Glades residents had questioned Lee over the school building funds as part of her General Election 2008 manifesto.

Lim had said the proposed school was Lee’s main selling point to voters. There was also a donation drive by her election campaign team to build the school by selling DAP fans to the voters.

He had said residents were beginning to doubt Lee’s seriousness in delivering on her promise to build the school on the 5.3 acres of land in Pandan Perdana.

On the donation drive, Lim said: “It received an overwhelming response. We believe at least 10,000 fans of her image along with the promise of a school were printed and sold to donors in the constituency.

“I was also a contributor with the minimum amount of RM5. Some people gave as much as RM100 with the hope of seeing a new school after the election.”