Soi Lek’s only contribution: shows us the same old BN

By Guan Sin


The one word that sums up what BN is all about, after almost 53 years of merdeka for Malaysia.

The recent sandiwara (or “bangsawan opera BN”, as PAS vice president Mahfuz Omar puts it very nicely) diligently played out by MCA president Chua Soi Lek, UMNO deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin and scores of other BN leaders just sounds too familiar to all. In fact, the Chinese would say it as “fry the cold rice”. May 13 lah, Malay special rights lah, racial sensitivities lah, and so on and so forth. Even I feel fed up of typing those words out here again.

Some people may start to believe that the “DVD star” Soi Lek has finally stood up for something. No, far from it. We must understand he is a top class politician (don’t confuse this with a top class leader) well deserved for BN. What he has been doing is just “talk cock sing song” of the MCA tune, ostensibly an attempt to uphold a certain community’s rights.

I as a Malaysian of Chinese decent feel sick and tired of the type of rhetoric adopted by Soi Lek and Muhyiddin. For Soi Lek, he should not try to pretend that he represents Malaysians like me and he is fighting for the rights of us. No, you don’t even understand us. You and MCA have been missing the point for many years. For Muhyiddin, he can continue to play the UMNO politics typically suited for the deputy presidency. But please, do not waste the precious public resource on the game as you are a paid-for deputy prime minister of Malaysia, for the whole Malaysia, of all Malaysians. You have a job to do, for god sake!

If one dwells deeper into the words uttered by Soi Lek, what he says is essentially: please, give us the pie well deserving of us (us here is the MCA leaders, not the rakyat) and we shall ensure BN’s victory.

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