Happy Birthday, Lawyer Rosli Dahlan : TRUTH AND JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL

When Dato’ Ramli was charged, all probe on the Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh case ended, so also did the probe on the MAS case. Interest in the MAS case resurfaced recently when YB Salahuddin Ayub, the PAS MP for Kubang Kerian, questioned why MACC’s Abu Kassim failed to investigate the MAS case in breach of the pledge that he had made at the recent 15th Malaysian Law Conference.

Din Merican

On Sunday  August 8, RPK (Raja Petra Kamaruddin)’s Malaysia Today ran a piece – The Ramli Yusuff Story; the real reason why he was brought down. That was very frightening and sent chills down the spine. That article gave vivid description of IGP Musa Hassan’s complicity with the Tangkak (Johor) crime syndicate controlling the loan shark or Ah Long activities — the Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh’s case. Dato’ Ramli was brought down when he was closing in on the links between that syndicate and the highest hierarchy in the Malaysian police force or PDRM. That matter climaxed with the criminal going scot free while six rank and file policemen were charged for purportedly fabricating evidence against IGP Musa Hassan (see http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/33666-the-ramli-yusuff-story-the-real-reason-why-he-was-brought-down).

As a matter of national shame A traitor is a traitor, with or without a uniform.

Last Sunday August 15, in another article titled “Abu Kassim Mohamed, are you now going to resign?”, RPK revealed that MACC had failed to investigate the MAS losses of RM 8 billion and thus challenged the MACC Chief, Dato’ Abu Kassim, to live up to his promise (see http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/33828-abu-kassim-mohamed-are-you-now-going-to-resign).

The Real Reason  to discredit, vilify and eliminate Datuk Ramli from PRDM

It appears that the reason why Dato’ Ramli had to be totally discredited, vilified and  permanently eliminated from PDRM stems from his stand to rid criminals in the underworld and the corporate world. It appears that he treated both the blue collar criminals and the white collar criminals with equal disdain. RPK is still running his story on MAS and there may be more interesting revelations coming. However, in Malaysia Today’s earlier postings in 2009, it was already disclosed that Dato’ Ramli had recommended that Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli and his accomplices be charged. This was against the wishes of AG Gani Patail who wanted the case to be NFA’d.


Bekas PM dengan Bekas CEO MAS Bekas pengerusi MAS Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli mungkin dilindungi pihak tertentu menyebabkan beliau bebas daripada pendakwaan akibat kerugian didakwa sebanyak RM8 bilion yang dialami syarikat GLC itu.

When Dato’ Ramli was charged, all probe on the Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh case ended, so also did the probe on the MAS case. Interest in the MAS case resurfaced recently when YB Salahuddin Ayub, the PAS MP for Kubang Kerian, questioned why MACC’s Abu Kassim failed to investigate the MAS case in breach of the pledge that he had made at the recent 15th Malaysian Law Conference.

Siapa dalang lindungi Tajuddin sebabkan MAS rugi RM8 billion

Tun Ling charged, not Tajuddin Ramli

If Tun Ling Liong Sik was charged for cheating the Cabinet in the PKFZ scandal, why was Tajuddin Ramli not charged for cheating the MAS Board of Directors? After all, the auditors in PKFZ did not identify Tun Ling Liong Sik as the culprit, whereas in the MAS case, Dato’ Ramli had not only recommended to AG Gani Patail  but also to Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi that Tajuddin Ramli be charged. Was it because PKFZ was an MCA- Chinese scandal whereas MAS was an UMNO- Malay thing? Is it part of the Dasar Ekonomi Baru (NEP) that even Malays crooks must be supported and protected! Was that why CIMB boss Nazir Razak said that the NEP had been bastardised? Then surely, his brother, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, as Prime Minister, could purge these crooks and cleanse the good name of the NEP which was the brainchild of their father, the second Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak. Does PM Najib have the political will to do that? Will MACC Abu Kassim live up to his pledge?

Will TDM and his 2002 crew take the stand?

What is most frightening and alarming is that, in the end, it was Dato’ Ramli who was charged! But only after he was discredited by being vilified by the MACC which leaked untruths to the mainstream media that he was the “RM 27 million Cop”. Can you see how they destroyed a man in the pinnacle of his a career? At that time, Dato’ Ramli was slated to become the next IGP. After all, he was Musa Hassan’s superior for 6 years until the Anwar Ibrahim case which catapulted the Mattress/Tilam Carrier Musa Hassan to what he is today.

The courtroom in central Kuala Lumpur fell silent as four policemen brought in the mattress, wrapped in brown paper in Sodomy I

Since it is the Holy Month of Ramadan, I will not go further and will try to guard my mouth (or my pen really) from making deductive analysis. Let’s just wait and see what else RPK will reveal in the next few days. Since it is Ramadan, I will ask Muslims and Non-Muslims alike to join me in prayer that on Friday August 20, Judge SM Komathy will acquit Dato’ Ramli just as he was twice acquitted previously by Judge Supang Lian of Kota Kinabalu and Judge M Gunalen of Kuala Lumpur.

Ramli has a law degree from the International Islamic University and a Masters law degree from the University of London.

Dato Ramli has gone through a baptism of fire to seek his vindication in the courts of law. He was a victim of the Unholy Trinity of the AG, the IGP and the MACC and yet he has been repeatedly vindicated by the courts with the grace of God. God willing, he would again be vindicated next Friday (August 200 and I will be there to see that justice is being delivered.

Lawyer Rosli Dahlan is not a threat to anyone yet he is being prosecuted

But what about Lawyer Rosli Dahlan? Was it not in Ramadan of 2007 that the MACC stormed his office and brutally arrested him? Was it also not during the last three nights of Ramadan, which Muslims believe to be malam Lailatul Qadr, that he was locked up in the MACC dungeon? He was prohibited from having food brought by his wife for iftar or buka puasa; forbidden from meeting his three children who waited through the night to see their father; deprived from sleep the whole night and then  dragged in handcuff the next day to court.

Rosli Dahlan is a Malaysian professional who had stood true to the oath of his profession will be kept languishing waiting for his full vindication. That is the cruelty one faces in this country when one seeks justice from the courts!

The way Rosli was being paraded before the mainstream media reporters was a treatment worse than meted out to a rapist or murderer. What cruelty! And all that happened during Ramadan. And all that perpetrated by enforcement agencies headed by supposedly pious Muslims!

I used to wonder if Dato’ Ramli was to be eliminated because he posed a threat to Musa Hassan’s extension, what threat did Rosli Dahlan pose? Was he a threat to anyone? In fact, why was Rosli charged first? After all, wasn’t he just a witness that they needed against Dato’ Ramli? Why charge a witness first when the principal actor was still not accused of anything yet? The saddest part is that Dato’ Ramli’s case will end on August 20, but Rosli’s case will continue till god knows when.

What we know is that the MACC witnesses lied in court. What we know is that they kept disrupting the trial to mend their case. What we know is that they tried changing the judge just when it was about to end. What we know is that Rosli’s trial is now fixed on 6-9th September, just three days before Hari Raya. What is the MACC trying to prove? Is the MACC deliberately forcing him to remember the incident that befell him in 2007? Deja vu!

A Victim of Oath of His Profession

Yes, we should ask the MACC now- what did Rosli do to deserve all that? As I reviewed  all my research notes, it now come so clearly to me that Rosli is a victim of the oath of his own profession. As a lawyer, he took an oath to act for and defend his clients to the utmost of his ability without fear of any personal retribution. It seems that in acting fearlessly in these matters, he has been made to suffer personal retribution. I have decided to analyse what Rosli did, and see if that was justification for the IGP, the MACC and AG Gani ganging together to brutalise and charge him: