RM8 billion MAS loss: Who is protecting Tajuddin?

By Qayum Rahman, Free Malaysia Today

Who is protecting former Malaysia Airlines Sdn Bhd (MAS) chairman Tajuddin Ramli from being investigated in relation to the RM8 billion loss the airline suffered in 2002? This was the question posed by PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub at a news conference earlier today.

Displaying a document related to the RM8 billion loss, he asked why the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had not taken action on a complaint lodged against Tajuddin.

He also asked why MACC had forwarded the complaint to the Commercial Crime Investigation Department.

“Who is protecting this criminal and this big case from being investigated?

“We want to know why MACC did not act on a report lodged by MAS against Tajuddin . MACC should have investigated the report but it instead forwarded the complaint to the Commercial Crime Investigation Departmednt,” he said.

Salahuddin also showed reporters a letter dated March 26, 2007 from the former Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Ramli Yusoff to then prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The letter detailed the allegation against Tajuddin.

“Ramli had a special meeting with Abdullah where he explained that the contents of the letter were sufficient evidence to charge Tajudin.

“Even the Commercial Crime Investigation Department had made several proposals for prosecution but no drastic action had been taken in the case,” he said.

Salahuddin added that there appeared to be a conspiracy between the MACC and the police.

“Going by this document, MAS is of the opinion that MACC’s disclosure of the matter to the police shows a collaboration to cover up the loss,” he said.