Tamil School PIBGs should fight to raise the standard of education, not over money

PIBGs have to deliver because these children are your children and not someone else’s.

By AK Sellan

No one can deny that the grades of students in Tamil schools in Selangor are far from satisfactory. There are many reasons for these.

Now, what are the PIBGs doing about this? I suppose the purpose of the PIBGs is to look after the well being of the students. While some are sticking to the purpose, the continual poor grades of Tamil school students raises the question of the efficacy of the PIBGs.

I wish some group, either the Federal Govt or State Govt or some NGO, would host a seminar for these leaders of PIBGs on what their roles and responsibilities should be. The number one responsibility is to ensure all the children are given the best in terms of guidance so that they can at least read, write and do some simple mathematics. But alas, we find that after 6 years of study, some children cannot even do the aforementioned 3 basic skills.

Most schools or PIBGs focus on the top achievers trying to score 7As; but in the process, the bottom portion, the people who really need help, who are the potential to be delinquent youths and maybe become the scourge of society are neglected.

Thus, I think time has come for PIBGs to start reflecting on what they really need to do i.e. to uplift the education level of all students in their respective schools. They should stop complaining about their problems and work with one another to overcome the challenges in ensuring all students do acquire a basic level of education.

PIBG leaders should accept they have a moral obligation towards the responsibilities they have undertaken. They cannot be mere seat warmers. They should be able to secure resources including raising funds to execute the additional educational requirements like tuition etc for their children. They should be able to do this or otherwise they should quit and allow someone more capable to take over. The days of occupying positions and expecting somebody else to provide resources including money is over. PIBGs have to deliver because these children are your children and not someone else’s.