Chua sabotaged by his own party people?

(Free Malaysia Today) – Johor PKR chief Chua Jui Meng, who has come under attack from the Sultan of Johor for allegedly dragging the royal household into politics, could have been fixed up by his party members on the instructions of a certain national level party leader, sources claimed today.

They claimed that the banners which used the sultan’s name and mentioned Chua as the next Johor menteri besar could have been put up by “certain elements within PKR with the intention of sabotaging Chua”.

“The putting up of these banners could not be the work of Umno as believed by Chua. They could have been put up by his own party people so that his chances of doing well as the state chief will be affected.

“It could also be the result of one particular national leader not wanting Chua to perform well in the party polls in November,” said several sources close to the party.

They said that Chua’s appointment as the Johor chief last month faced severe objections from that particular national leader.

“This leader is afraid that Chua will prove to be a capable leader and would be a rival for leadership positions in the party,” they said.

The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim, issued a stern reminder earlier this week to politicians not to use his name in any political campaign.

The ruler had pointed out that a politician in Batu Pahat had tried to cause problems among the people by using his face in a banner.

Yesterday, Chua admitted that the said banners had his face along with the sultan’s and had portrayed him as the next state MB. However, he accused Umno of being the culprit for putting up the banners.

“I have nothing to do with the banner as I believe it was placed to incite the Malays against me,” he told FMT yesterday.

“It is done to incite the Malays and the palace against us. Only Umno is capable of doing such a thing,” he added.

However, Johor Menteri Besar and state Umno chief Abdul Ghani Othman denied that Umno had put up the banners.

“We have never practised such politics. What we know is that Pakatan (Rakyat) held a meeting at that time and the banner was put up,” he said.