Cakap cakap…of Perkasa, Ibrahim, Arman and Helen Ang!

Ibrahim and his Perkasa Youth are talking about defending Royalty. An institution that has already been neutralized by UMNO, by the Malays themselves – not by the Chinese, the Indians, the Sikhs or the Buddhists. As always the Malays kill their own better then anybody can!

By Steadyaku47

Why are there people like Ibrahim Ali in our midst? Because they articulate the thoughts and aspirations of some Malays in Malaysia. There are Malays who feel passionately about Malay rights and the Royal institution. Ibrahim understands that while these Malays are in the minority he would get some mileage out of the issues if he appointed himself their spokesman – or as he would prefer to say – their champion.
When you make an issue of these highly emotional issues the media and people will take notice. Why? They want to know who is the stupid idiot who is making so much noise about issues that should be discussed rationally and calmly and not be used to stir racial and religious animosity between the people of our country….so why is this Ibrahim stirring up a hornet nests?
Well if you look at how this Ibrahim operates in the past you can understand his modus operandi. When he is in need of money he finds a way to make some. Any issue will do. PAS, UMNO, Royalty, Vincent Tan…….
……Mahathir….where he smells money he goes. He is good at this and you have to give him credit for it – but at the end of the day all that Perkasa will be is a footnote at then end of the page…..after an asterisk…but even then this Ibrahim has done better than most of us. How many of us is even a footnote at then end of a page? Not many, but we still have our dignity and the respect of many of our peers.
Wira Perkasa…….back up a bit here. Wira means  Hero…so say no more! This heroic Wira Perkasa youth chief Arman Azha Haji Abu Hanafiah claims that Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) columnist Helen Ang has insulted the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and incited hatred against the special position of the Malays.