Dear Ibrahim Ali, some data on corruption in Muslim countries

The real insult and the real hurt cannot be felt by you. It is in reality felt by the hundreds of millions of Muslims in all those countries who are victims of corruption and bad government and who struggle to make a decent life for themselves. The true immorality is found among those who will not face up to the facts as they are and instead pretend to be their champions with bluff and bluster.

By uppercaise

Dear Ibrahim Ali,
In criticising MCA president Chua Soi Lek on Sunday, for saying that Malaysia was not progressing because of Islam and for that some of the most corrupted countries are Muslim-majority nations, you said
(according to Malaysian Insider): “Where is the proof? Corruption is a universal problem that effects all races.” 
According to data from the respected worldwide organisation Transparency International, 42 member countries of the 57 in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference are among the world’s most corrupt countries. Those 42 are in the bottom half of 180 rankings and of those, 20 are ranked among the world’s worst in the bottom 25%.
There is a table on “Corruption and freedom in Muslim world” which I have posted at that shows those rankings, as well as how members of the OIC rate in terms of political and civil rights, according to the World Freedom Index published by the Freedom House organisation.
Interestingly, of the 20 OIC members found among the world’s worst for corruption, 15 are ranked as ‘not free’. And yet, of the top 10 OIC countries rated for least corruption, 8 of them are also ranked ‘not free’.
I wonder what you make of this data. Did you know this when you asked Chua Soi Lek for “proof”?