Duit, Duit, Duit! Itu Cina Punya Style!

By batsman 

It may be a coincidence or it may be a new campaign, but I heard the above said very loudly for all to hear in a very public place a few days ago and again in another very public place today.

It could just be a provocation, or it could be an attempt to dominate public places with kooks and slightly off balanced people. It may even be an attempt by internet illiterate people to start a new medium of communications. Whatever it is, it may signal a new era and new methods of politics so people need to be aware. 

What amused me was the message. It DID ring a bell, so I thought about it and wish to share my thoughts with you guys. 

“Duit, duit, duit! Itu Cina punya style!” Memang benar tetapi itu dulu! Sekarang “Duit, Duit, Duit!” adalah UMNO punya style. 

In the old days when the Cina kui were prostitutes and beggars it may have been true. It is not unusual for such persons to be obsessed with money. They even voted for UMNO puppets for 50 years. 

Nowadays the Cina kui seem to have changed their style. They have progressed in their thinking and values. They now demand efficiency and productivity. They also demand neutrality, professionalism and integrity in the civil service, judiciary and police. This can only be good for Malaysia so some Cina kui have become true blue Malaysians. 

However it must be said that there are still a few Cina kui who have not changed and who remain as prostitutes and are therefore still obsessed with “Duit Duit Duit!” Most of these still cling on to UMNO and have infected UMNO with the obsession for “Duit Duit Duit!” while some are still prostitutes but try to distance themselves from UMNO and call themselves independents. Still others join PR component parties, but I guess you guys know who these prostitutes are better than I. So watch out in case you too get infected with prostitute urine which I am told carry quite a few very potent viruses. 

So “Duit, Duit, Duit!” has become UMNO’s style because UMNO has become sinicized. Not only that UMNO appears to be also obsessed with “Seks, Seks, Seks dan Hentam, Hentam, Hentam”, so all this seems to be UMNO punya style. 

Dulu lain, sekarang lain pula. heeheehee