Why Najib’s RM20 Million Survey Won’t Solve The NCR Land Issues

By Sarawak Headhunter

Jabu is already salivating.

Firstly of course, this amount of RM20 million is not enough. Najib knows it and Taib knows it. They can pour RM100 million into the survey exercise and it still won’t be enough.

The truth is that survey will only solve part of the problem. And part of the real problem is the Sarawak Land Code itself, which only recognizes NCR land prior to 1st January 1958. In other words, land settled and cultivated by natives after 1958 is NOT recognized as NCR land. Natives settling and cultivating those lands AFTER 1958 are regarded as squatters and trespassers on State land. 

The real problem is Taib himself. Is Taib willing to recognize NCR land after 1958 and will the boundary survey take this into account? Will the Sarawak Land Code be amended to conform to recent court decisions or will the BN government continue to ignore the plight of the people? THAT is the issue!

Many still claim ignorance of NCR land issues, which have been harped upon openly in the mass media by Taib and his favourite(?) barking dog, Awang Tanah. These issues are also the subject of hundreds of still pending court cases. Under the circumstances, ignorance is no excuse. Najib as the Prime Minister should also not be so ignorant of NCR land issues to think that merely surveying NCR land and issuing communal titles will work.

What about the hundreds of thousands or maybe a couple of million hectares of NCR land created after 1st January 1958? Are the hundreds of thousands of natives and their descendants today who have worked, and continue to work, on these lands to be relegated to the status of squatters and trespassers?

For Taib’s perspective on NCR issues, for a start see this article at The Broken Shield: http://thebrokenshield.blogspot.com/2008/11/taib-blames-dayak-shifting-cultivators.html.

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If anyone wants to know what it is all about, read this: http://sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com/2009/03/what-is-true-value-of-all-ncr-land-in.html. That’s right, it’s all about money.

Who do you think will benefit the most from any declassification of NCR land, the Dayak “trespassers” and “squatters”?

Jabu is already salivating: “We wish to thank the federal government for allocating RM20 million to Sarawak and the main focus will be to develop NCR land that are ready for development.” RIGHT!

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