Please vote or else you are still voting!

By rizzku

To all readers who have not yet registered to vote, please do so. This is even more important if you are against the governing party of the Federal Government. If you do not register yourself and do not vote, count yourself as a BN supporter and rest assured of your vote being fully utilised toward BN victory.

Here is why and how.

I had a warm discussion with one of my friends over the weekend about someone who could not be bothered to vote in the several past elections. He however had the time to check via SPR (Election Commission) website about his status every now and then. He discovered that even though he has not registered himself as a voter, every election his name never failed to appear as a voter in some constituency in Peninsular Malaysia.

What even more hilarious was he was ‘registered’ as an army voter and even provided with the army registration number (the number which started with RF). That means in all likely, his name is used to vote both ‘on site’ as well as ‘postal’. He also discovered that in every elections his constituency will change, but maintaining the same RF number. He cheekily tried to search the SPR website for the RF number allocated for him, and to his amusement a different name appeared with different constituency, a Malay name. Recently he checked the website, to my relief his name now is not registered anymore as a voter.

Of course I cannot confirm the story as the truth. To save myself from being accused of making wild allegation, let me called it just a rumour. However, please note ‘rumour’ in Malaysia has a tendency to rear its ugly head as the truth.

Regardless of whether it is a rumour or not. This story should spur all the non registered voters out there to act. This is even more important if you are supporting PR. If you do not register, not only your absence of vote cannot help PR (one factor) but worst, your vote is actually being used to ‘vote’ for BN (one factor). So, by not registering, you are actually supporting the Federal Governing Party (BN) by a factor of TWO. And if your name is bestowed with army or police status, your vote may be used in postal votes as well. That is helping the Federal Government to retain power by a factor of THREE. If this does not compels you to register, nothing else will.

Needless to say, if you are a BN supporter and you have not yet register, you can sit back and relax at home. The system will make sure that you still vote on the polling day and you will not be voting for PR.

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