Malaysians a bunch of hypocrites including alternative media

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sometimes we do not publish the letters we receive because we can’t quite understand what the writer is trying to say. In this case, however, we are publishing this letter lest the writer accuses us of censoring. We hope the readers can make out what the writer is trying to say though.

The latest episode of

Yeah sure Malaysian Indian are suckers for life, because everything in Malaysia anything Indian is racialist yet everything else is appeased as it satisfied our plate. Such is the state of a minority who had toiled for the progress of the nation today and anything and everything related to them is shot down as their relevance is minimized even by our so called opposition and the alternative media for their survival.

Just look at the comments and those who comments, whenever a Malaysian Indian issue is brought forward everything is castigated as a racial issue, yet everything else is justified for its cause. What the **** are you talking about Malaysian?

Sure I am pissed off with RPK and the alternative Media, as they gauge and measure how it is beneficial to ensure their life span but never for what is the truth. Sure you see the truth with numerous monetary and material scandals and the hip hop of politics, yet the the suffering of the poorer section of the Malaysian Indians is a sacrifice goat for everything else as a Malaysian Indian value is of no human significance. Naturally, there are poorer segment of the other origin, but let’s be practical, don’t look at your rich Malaysian Indian friends who gloats how idealistic they have been yet they would not push the shove when humanity is concerned because their own individual need surpasses the need for the community.        

You don’t see anyone talking about the predicament of the Malaysian Indians and if they do so they are automatically classified as Indian lover. What Malaysian you are talking about when, it is all political dream that you seem to anticipate through RPK or the alternative media.

Well, let me cut through the chase, the empowerment of the people is what is the truth, purity and unselfishness and that you have seen in tsunami 2008 through HINDRAF, is a fact. No matter how you play it or how you cajole your mind, how your distort it, Semangat 46, Barisan Alternatif, Reformasi, even 1969 could not muster the result of 2008.

Yes, you Malaysians bunch of commentors who will continue to talk about it, rationalize it and come to your own conclusion and serve the modern mechanism of blog and commentary without understanding the nature of the nation as everything is fine for you but never for the masses who needs to worry and bother what is their bread and butter to ensure survival unlike us who live in luxury. I wonder whether it fear or favor?      

Dear RPK and alternative media, what you have gathered is a bunch of eunuch that only only serves their own needs never for the society. If that was not the case, how come we are in such a state that we are today?

The human race in Malaysian have been plagued with everything for one’s own need and desire but never one for the community let it be Malay, Chinese, Indian or lain-lain. In truth you find difficulty, but truth alone is the path for human race to prosper.

What is the truth for you should not be skin deep nor preach it but live by if for the human race irrespective of the race religion, race or creed without the typical crescendo to serve what is artificially built?

R. Shan (Human Being)