Police brutality, corruption and abuse of power

By Dr. Gédéon

I am an Australian Citizen and used to live in Malaysia on a MM2H visa. In 2007, I was assaulted. I then went to the police station to make a report and instead of taking my report, the police ARRESTED AND IMPRISONED ME FOR 12 HOURS.

They also punched me hard in the stomach and pointed TWO GUNS at my head!!!! I then appointed Datuk Karpal Singh who found out that the boss of the guy who assaulted me had called the police station to ask them to detain me when I go to make the report! In January this year, Sukaham started investigating this matter and wrote FIVE times to the police so far but the police have not responded to any letter!

I have also sent FIVE letters to the Minister for Tourism, NINE letters to the Police Inspector, EIGHT emails to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EIGHT emails to the MInistry of Home Affairs, SIX emails to the Political Secretary of His Majesty King of Malaysia BUT NO ONE HAS RESPONDED OR EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED MY COMPLAINT AGAINST THE POLICE!!!!

Please note that I am not in Malaysia anymore nor do I intend to go back there! 


Apart from several breaches by the police of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the various Malaysian constitutional Acts, the following barbarous acts occurred but were not mentioned in the reports because of the trauma Dr Gédéon suffered from at the time of his arrest when two guns were pointed at his head by the police officers who think they are above the law!

1 ) He was handcuffed (both hands) at Damansara Perdana Police Station and suffered from loss of sensation to his right wrist for 5 months after the incident;

2 ) A gun was pointed at his head by two plain-clothed police officers at Damansara Perdana Police station, who slapped him on both cheeks and punched him in the stomach;

3 ) No officer he saw at Damansara Perdana or Damansara Mutiara stations, including Officer Nik ,Corporal Vellou and officer Saiful (159863) would give him the name of the two police officers who pointed a gun at his head and who punched him in the stomach;

4 ) No police officer he saw at Damansara Perdana or Damansara Mutiara including Officer Nik, Corporal Vellou and officer Saiful (159863) would give him the name of the person who assaulted him despite the fact that they knew very well the identity of the assaulter but they were trying to protect him because they were ordered to do so by MK Land!

5 ) He was denied a telephone call to a legal practitioner;

6 ) He was denied a telephone call to his Embassies to inform them of his arrest;

7 ) He was denied a glass of water and for the next 11 hours he was dehydrating as no water was provided to him to the point where he passed out from pain and dehydration;

8 ) Before being thrown in a tiny (less than 10 sqm), crowded and filthy cell with a least 10 criminals, he was asked to take his shirt off which he refused to do and as result the police officer verbally abused him and pointed his gun at him “This is my country […] You are only a fucking [sic] foreigner in here. You do what I tell you to do.”

9 ) His life was in danger after being placed in a cell with a number of criminals;

10 ) He repeatedly asked why he was thrown in jail but the officer never answered his question. (About a month or two after that, he finally became aware of the reason for his arrest: Disturbance of the Peace! A fabrication of lies by MK Land and the corrupt police force);

11 ) He was chained up (shackled) to 2 criminals and transported to another police station where he was finally released after more than 12 hours;

12 ) Minutes before Dr Gédéon was tricked to go to the back of the police station on 11 August 2007, one MK Land staff Fatimah Wahab who was treated like a Queen at the station, was making a report against him. A police officer approached Dr Gédéon and asked him for his passport details. It was only after he gave his passport’s details that he realised the officer’s intentions were to get this information to that woman. Dr Gédéon has lived all his life in countries where privacy is protected by law and sharing sensitive information is a very serious offence. Also, under International and Australian Laws, passport details are to be provided only to immigration officials only or police. The police have misused their power;

13 ) Before being transported to Damansara Mutiara police station, he was taken back to the waiting area at the Damansara Perdana police station handcuffed and the police officer raised Dr Gédéon’s hands in the direction of one MK Land staff Fatimah Wahab (who was still making a report against Dr Gédéon while the police was treating her like the Prime Minister), to humiliate Dr Gédéon and to show Fatimah that Dr Gédéon was handcuffed;

14 ) Dr Gédéon made repeated requests to the police officers to give him the name of the person who assaulted him but the police refused to give him his details despite the fact that they knew who he was and his full name! Bias and favouritism are very obvious in this context;

15 )The person who assaulted both Dr Gédéon and the female resident, Irene, was never punished or reprimanded by police because the police was ordered by MK Land to protect him! In fact, Dr Gédéon’s Malaysian friends in Malaysia have asked him not to put their name as witnesses or supporters in any complaint he makes because [we] fear retaliation from the police because we know you [sic]. Dr Gédéon believes them as they are Malaysians and are more aware of Malaysia’s life.

Indeed, Irene, has sent him an email two weeks ago informing him that she fears for her life and does not wish to be a witness in court should he take action against the police. She also informed him that she had an anonymous call asking her about the whereabouts of Dr Gédéon.The caller threatened that she will not “see the light if you support him or say anything against MK Land or the police” [sic]

16 ) Dr Gédéon left Malaysia in August 2008 for the following reasons:
a – The assault on him and the police events, which occurred two weeks after his fall, have aggravated his condition and he is now permanently disabled;
b – He had also received a number of anonymous death threats and the police took no action;
c – He did not feel safe anymore in Malaysia and he feared he would be murdered if he stayed there as MK Land threatened to murder him;

17 ) Following the permanent psychological disability caused by the Police and the permanent physical disability due to his fall, Dr Gédéon had been unable to work since 2008 and as a result he could not make his monthly mortgage repayments to Citibank for the apartment he had purchased in 2007 in Damansara Perdana.

Citibank repossessed the apartment in November 2009 and sold it at a price well below the market price. Furthermore, he had 80% interest in a small business in KL where he was employing 11 Malaysian citizens and contributing to the economy of Malaysia. He lost the business as well and had to terminate all his 11 Malaysian employees;

18 ) Dr Gédéon is now psychologically scarred for life and suffering from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and requiring permanent medical attention for both his physical and psychological condition but due to the injury caused by MK Land’s negligence, he does not have the financial means anymore to afford the substantial medical treatment needed!;

19 ) Dr Gédéon had sent a complaint to Inspector General of the Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan in July 2009, and resent the letter FIVE times but received no reply from him;

20 ) Dr Gédéon has also written to the Tourism Minister in April 2008, and resent the complaint in December, March, and October 2009, but unfortunately, never received a reply;

21 ) In addition, the police have breached the following articles 3,5,7, 9 and 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as well as Malaysia’s different Acts.
Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.
Article 7. All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.
Article 9. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.
Article 11. Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial […]

Last but not least, Dr Gédéon does not intend to ever go back to Malaysia as he fears for his life due to several death threats he had received.