“Efforts to de-stabilise & sabotage Penang intensified”

“The issue us no longer Nik Ali, the issue is KSN …. Why is it now you come out all the way to defend a ‘Little Napoleon’? How committed are you towards reducing ‘Little Napoleon’ tendencies in the civil service? “


Or watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeBoIiLgLw4

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng asked if the efforts to de-stablise and sabotage the Penang State Government be intensified like what has been going on in the last two years.

When asked by media member, CM Lim said every efforts have been made by the Penang State Government to co-operate with the Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia. He said the Chief Secretary has cancelled the appointment at the last minute.

He also questioned the commitment of the Chief Secretary in reforming the civil service. In spite of the strong speeches which are posted on the Chief Secretary website to reform the civil service including getting rid of Little Napoleans and warnings like ‘Shape up or ship out’, Lim doubts how committed the Chief Secretary is in reducing Little Napoleans.