Anuar Shaari urges PI Balasubramaniam’s lawyers to declare their incomes

(Malaysian Digest) – Former private secretary to PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Anuar Shaari, in a press conference today urged the three lawyers of private investigator, PI P.Balasubramaniam to immediately report their income status to the Inland Revenue Malaysia and confirm their declarations.

Anuar (pic) said the roles of Manjeet Singh Dhillon, Amarjit Singh Sidhu and Americk Singh Sidhu as lawyers are really in doubt regards to their actions lately. 

According to Anuar, Manjeet has repeatedly persuaded and made offers to Datuk Nallakarupan to befriend and support Anwar. He also claimed that Manjeet had represented Balasubramaniam when the latter invited Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to London to take his statement.

He added that the three lawyers also accompanied Balasubramaniam to Paris to take a statement by the French authorities.

“It is really a big question since the public already know that Balasubramaniam is unable to survive even in Malaysia and it is impossible for him to pay the legal cost to the famous lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon,” he said.

Anuar also questioned where the three lawyers obtained the money to help Balasubramaniam and, according to him, the answer will link them to his former superior Anwar.

“I just want them to clarify either it is yes or not since the public is seeking for their explanation,” he added.

He also queried on how much money Anwar had to spend in engaging the three solicitors to be lawyers and escort to Balasubramaniam in London.

Also present at the press conference is Perkasa activist Yusof Mahmud.