Websites identify high-flyer seen with Hilton

(The Star) – SEVERAL websites are abuzz with news that Malaysian millionaire Taek Jho Low is the “mystery man” spotted with good-time girl Paris Hilton, reported Kosmo!

The Malay tabloid said the websites, including that of OK! Magazine, had identified Hilton as the girl in a sexy pink outfit in a photograph of partygoers aboard a boat in Paris, France.

According to the magazine, Low had been splashing his money, holding expensive parties in various nightclubs and running up huge shopping bills.

The New York Post had reported on Nov 8 last year that Low, who is in his 20s and a graduate from Wharton Business School in Philadelphia, spent thousands of dollars in nightclubs over a three-month period in the United States.

He caught media attention after being spotted partying with several celebrities, including singer P. Diddy, in the city.

According to the operator of Pink Elephant Club at 27th Street in New York, Low always spent between US$50,000 (RM161,150) and US$60,000 (RM193,380) a night, including flying eight waitresses to a party in Malaysia once.

He was rumoured to be staying in a posh apartment in Park Imperial in the city, where James Bond actor Daniel Craig and P. Diddy also lived.

Low, whose own recent birthday party was attended by actress Megan Fox, was said to be working as a consultant with a few international companies.

Although The Post interviewed various Malaysian experts, including members on the Foreign Relationship Council about Low, none had heard of him.