Low Taek Jho, Paris Hilton, Rosmah & RM 11 billion

Isn’t it weird to have Paris Hilton and Rosmah in the same sentence? *shudders*

The Nutgraph has really come into its own, avoiding the saturated online news landscape and focusing on features and investigative reporting.

Their work on the New York Times Rosmah ad (here and here) was really fantastic, and a fun read.

Among the speculations that arose from there was the involvement of Low Taek Jho in the Rosmah ad. Yeah. This “fat bastard” (as one Twit put it):

Many have highlighted his Mr. Paris Hilton persona, but recently, Anil Netto did some more serious homework.

Let’s start with TNG’s work. These are two must read articles – the first, and the second.

They basically follow a trail of APCO-like public relations companies (esp in terms of sketch factor), in trying to determine who really arranged for the ad, and for Rosmah’s fake award.

Somewhere along the line: