Let’s Invest in Exceptionally Expensive Alcohol while the West Panics

By Jeevindra Kumar

I was at an investment expo in the city centre yesterday, a watcher amongst droves of those who were looking for a safer place than the Will Need a Bailout Bank to hide some money.

The largest booth at the expo was by a company that sells high end, premium grape borne vintages. This for investors who wish to clutch an asset which has no correlation to any other asset class, as none can come in dark bottles and carry peculiar bouquets as it does. I always knew that alcohol can do more than merely make you jubilantly pissed and stupid, now it  makes you rich as well, provided the raging alcoholic in you does not break free one night and drink your investment, turning the liquid part of your portfolio into a really lavish hangover and extra time in the john.

Compare this with the western world. 

Philip R. Davis, founder of Phil’s Stock World, writes a piece entitled,“It’s The End of The World As We Know It”.

Andrew Butler, managing partner of ABMC, an investment adviser based in Dubai, does a piece called, “According to Robert Prechter, Is the World Doomed?” (Robert Prechter being the Guru of Elliot Wave International). The doom echoed by Nathan Lewis, Bill Bonner, The Hon. Ron Paul (R), Richard Dougherty aka Mogambo Guru, and many more, the numbers growing by the day, screaming, DEFLATION!! But only in the western part of the globe, plus Japan, the country which kicked off the trend in the first place.

Why this dichotomy? Why are some of the citizens of the developed nations building bunkers in their basements, stocking up on canned food and bullets while taking lessons on how to roll cigarettes using paper and loose tobacco, as that can be considered as money, while we are learning to pronounce “Lafite Rothschild” correctly before bed?

And then we have China, sitting on a humongous pile of cash and slowly buying up Gold and Gold Mining Stocks, farmland, cornering commodity supplies, downgrading US debt, acquiring energy companies, water technologies, clamping down on a domestic real estate bubble, while at the same time letting Hong Kong become the freest economy in the world, as an example to governments everywhere on how to manage an economy.

The West is entering a deflationary depression panic mode and we are busy buying wines and creating property bubbles.

Does anyone have Wen Jiabao’s number? Great clients are hard to come by.