Laptop belonging to PI Bala’s lawyer stolen from home

(The Star) – Manjeet Singh Dhillon, one of the lawyers for private investigator P. Balasubra­maniam, had his laptop stolen from his home here while he was in London on personal business.

“It is very revealing that this is the second incident targeted at my house proximate to my attending to Bala’s matters,” said Manjeet in a statement to The Star yesterday.

He said he would be returning to the country immediately to lodge a police report.

“I had Molotov cocktails thrown at my house after his (Balasubra­maniam’s) Singapore interview. Now after his London and Paris interviews, I have had my house broken into and my laptop removed,” he said.

Other valuable items in the same room, including his wife’s jewellery, were untouched.

“I have serious concerns that attempts might be made by interested parties to interfere with the contents of my laptop and fabricate material.”

Manjeet had left for London on May 22 to attend to personal matters and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) interview with Balasubramaniam that had been scheduled for early July.

But the MACC cancelled its interview with Balasubramaniam over his statutory declarations and events related to the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu at the last minute.