“Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark” ..all is not well at the top of our political hierarchy!

Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Seri  Mohd. Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia and President of UMNO is theoretically the head honcho in this part of the world. Numero Uno and Capo Di Tutti Capi (Boss of all). In as far as Malaysia is concerned there is nobody above him in the executive area. Theoretically, where it matters, he outranks everybody -even Mahathir!

Aisehman, in theory lah!

By Steadyaku47

But just let us back up for a minute. Does he really outrank Mahathir? Does he outrank Muhyiddin? We all know that in most Embassies it is not the Ambassador that really matters! The Ambassador attends dinners and become the doyen of the social scene – while his number two or the head of intelligence really runs the show.

So here in Malaysia, Muhyiddin is number two. Number two does not become number one until number one goes. You think so? You must come from a galaxy far far away if you believe that! The jury is still out on whether it is Muhyiddin or Mahathir that will decide when Najib goes … but it is definitely not Najib. Then they tell you that you must not forget the oft-mentioned (in hush and revered tones by UMNO stalwarts) “Warlords” within the upper echelons of UMNO’s ruling elite. These “Warlords” are in a class of their own. Agreed. A class that outranks everybody within UMNO when it comes to grabbing the spoils of Politics from the National coffers! Heh heh heh … 

Then there are the “others” … who are just about equal. But even here the doctrine of “primus inter pares” prevails. No, I am not trying to impress you with my knowledge of Latin – it is just a phrase which indicates that a person is the most senior of a group of people sharing the same rank. And what is the rank or office held? It is those people or group of people that holds “Najib by his balls”! 

First among the equals (for now!) is this Saiful guy … or should I say gay? This arsehole (figuratively and literally if you want to be unkind and I do want to be unkind!) he has got Najib by the balls. As I am fond of reminding everybody – when you have a guy by his balls … his heart and mind follows unquestionably. But seriously, Najib, may I ask what business is it of yours to find out what is in, or was, or still is, within Saiful’s anus? Or to be more exact, what business is it of the Malaysian Judiciary to find out what is in Saiful’s anus? Is this the best you can do to get the opposition and Anwar out of your way? Why? Is the election process so intimidating that you are prepared to subject yourself and our already tainted Judiciary and all of Malaysia to the ridicule of the world by persisting with this sodomy two case against Anwar?

What will happen if Najib gets a call from Saiful tonight:
Ni Saiful, Dato’ Seri.
Ummmm … hari ni macham mana di Mahkamah?
OK, Dato’ Seri. Keadaan terkawal tapi saya rasa … yadayadayada … (as Seinfeld will say!) … and you can be sure that when Saiful asks Najib to jump, Najib will ask  ‘how high’ . Word of advice to Saiful – make hay while the sun shines.

Get my drift? For now, this Saiful guy controls Najib’s future. Saiful decides whether Najib will remain as PM. If you were Najib would you not face each day with dread and trepidation wondering what will come out in the courts as the case unfolds? Already you are being subpoenaed by Anwar. Your wife too. You control the Judiciary but will you know what will come out from the defense team? The right honorable Karpal Singh will now have the opportunity of cross-examining you and your wife. Already, Karpal is salivating just at the thought that this case will put you in the dock, under oath, without PDRM or UTK around to do your bidding. Do you think you can outsmart the Lion of Jelutong in a one-on-one face-off? Ahhh words fail me but the prospects to come of this confrontation will surely make my day today – any day! Better than eating Nasi Dagang – and you all know that I never ever put anything above having my favorite Nasi Dagang from Kampong Baru! 

A close second is Razak Baginda, Bala and the two UTK ‘fall guys”. The three are on the same level. I say almost because that Razak Baginda guy is A-Ok in London. A-OK financially and without worries about being arrested – by PDRM, MACC or Jakim. The two UTK fall guys are in the “keadaan terkawal” mode. Bala is a loose cannon but he has a credibility problem with what he says though I am sure he still has a few aces up his sleeves when push comes to shove.

And then, as one of our friends have reminded me … there are the “pictures” and “sightings” that other interested Government and “persons unknown” from “parts unknown” have that would be “of interest” to us. The mind boggles at the myriads of possibilities … but like the Karpal thing, these possibilities and prospects brighten the otherwise wretched existence of the much trodden and deprived Rakyat of this nation.

What about the three frogs from Perak! Najib must have had to force himself to deal with those sleazebags but he had to! To survive in UMNO requires one to have the ability to lower oneself to the level of all those that you have to deal with – so if you have to deal with greedy, corrupt and unprincipled frogs – you become one! Of course, with practice you become better at it as time goes by. Hell, he might even begin to enjoy doing it, as it becomes part and parcel of his survival mode. 

Now, we must not forget Rosmah. She ranks quite low. Below Bala and the two UTK fall guys … or as some bright spark might insist on saying … under Bala and the two UTK fall guys! Do you think Rosmah will ever be able to rise to the occasion? Do her duty as Azizah did when she stepped forward in Anwar’s absence to do what she must for her husband? This will indeed be a sight to behold. She must already be busy dieting to show her very best side in court! It is one thing to have your airbrushed images plastered all over the NSTP  – another to stand in court for all to view you “unbrushed!”. She will never forgive you, Najib for subjecting her to all this. Methinks her bite and her bark is as good as you will ever get in this part of the world … bar possibly that of Mahathir! With Najib she has power and money! Without Najib she is nothing. It is in her interest to keep Najib  where he is. Nevertheless, Najib knows Rosmah knows too much. So he is beholden to her. I am not too sure what “beholden” means but I have been assured that it is not good to be “beholden” to anybody. Not even your wife. Especially if your wife is Rosmah!

And then of course there is  Mahathir. Did Najib owe his early but very timely (the Altantuya case was closing down on him) entry into the Prime Minister’s Office to Mahathir? Was it not Mahathir that finally drove Pak Lah into the sunset? Was it not Mahathir that persuaded Muhyiddin to “tunggu sekejap” and get behind Najib for the time being? And for all that what is the pay off? The down payment was a son in Cabinet. God knows what has come since then.

So when you think of all this, is Najib really the head Honcho? Capo Di Tutti Capi? Does he call the shots in Malaysia? Is he really the Prime Minister of Malaysia or simply a seat warmer for who is to come next! Heck! What can he really do? Well, for starters, we know that he can instruct PDRM, the Judiciary and all relevant Government Machineries to go see what is in the anus of this Saiful person. Najib’s and UMNO’s political future depends upon the outcome of this investigation. Or more to the point, UMNO is now so desperate, so bankrupt and so devoid of options for its own survival that it has to resort to the unsavory act of trying to prove what was in the arsehole of this Saiful gay for its own survival! 

After this sodomy two case, whatever the verdict, in as far as Anwar is concerned there is closure. Whatever appeal, if any, will be part of the continuing saga of DSAI. But Anwar has gone through the legal process and he has had his day in court and been judged by a judiciary however tainted. There is closure.

Najib meantime has still to submit himself to the same process for his part in the murder of Altantuya (to mention just one issue!). And so we wait! It is taking forever to try and resolve Perwaja. Eric Chia went to his grave denying the elephant in the living room. PKFZ is just starting. Then there are the Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Istana Mahligai of the Toyo’s, Perak … too many to list … all of these floating around and waiting to be resolved. As the Aussies like to say, these cases might go around for a walkabout to the never never … but somehow, sometime, somewhere in the near future it will all be resolved. It will all come out! Until then we will sit and watch the spectacle of Najib and UMNO and the Judiciary become the butt (forgive the pun, but I just could not help myself!) of jokes and ridicule all over the world all just because of Saiful’s arsehole that is no bigger than the minds of those UMNO “leaders” that is now running … or should I say ruining – our country. Stupidity, thy name is UMNO!