Please brace yourselves, should DSAI get prosecuted again

If we don’t lash out, they would make statements saying DSAI’s support isn’t that much, and since people don’t lash out, it shows that we agree DSAI sodomized. All in all, they either try to make us all retaliate, or make people believe in their lies. Either way, the result will be the same.

By avancc

Dear Malaysia Today,
After reading a series of articles all over the internet, I suddenly have this feeling. And recalling other issues we saw before, I can’t help but feel this way.

I remember how DSAI’s supporters used to run on the streets with their headbands, screaming and allegedly burning rubbish bins, causing “vandalism” and fear among shops owners and rakyat as well.

I remember how a state’s administration was forcibly taken. With the speaker taken away while still on his chair; with people having a gun in the state assembly; and someone holding a pepper spray. Yet no action were taken against them.

I remember how the court ruled in a flip-flop manner on who’s the rightful MB, with the decision of one judge easily toppled by another; but not the other way around. And how they waited for people to lash out at them, yet not taking remedial actions.

I remember how candlelight vigils were broken up, with arrests made although it was a peaceful gathering. Yet demonstrations were allowed for another party.

I remember TBH’s case, where the pathologist was threatened, and no action taken against. Instead they wanted to arrest another person for allegedly saying it’s a “murder”. And how they waited for our outburst.

I remember the cow’s head issue where they made “allowed” demonstrations and when condemned, claimed that we should be sensitive towards their feelings. Again they waited for our outburst.

I remember the recent “religious attacks” where they again waited for our outburst.

I remember also the sudden outburst by MPs alleging that some opposition leaders are dictators, etc etc. We see also some lashing out at their own ally. All out of no apparent reason.

I remember the 2 “Pendatang” claims where necessary actions were not taken.

Now, they sped up DSAI’s court case. With refusal to disclose evidence, refusal to dismiss the case etc. When evidence is clearly showing that it is a trumped up case, they went ahead with it.

Something’s ringing:
I suddenly realize that there’s a common ground for all the above cases. They all have similar characteristics

1)      Issues created by them, with no valid reason.
2)      Statements made by them to cause sentiments of hate and racism.
3)      Issues were ignored and no positive actions were taken, even though it’s obvious.
4)      Seemingly deaf over suggestions and complaints by rakyats.
5)      Continuation of issues, no matter how obviously absurd it appears.
6)      Contempt of court, intimidation of investigation, etc and done in an obvious manner.

All actions were done openly, and obviously. They don’t hide, are not ashamed to hide, and not afraid to do it.

We all can see it. It’s so obvious. You tell any human with a sound mind, and they’ll agree 100% with you. Yet, these people continue to do it.

If you watch TV, you would start cursing at the statements made by them to the public, yet appearing soooo “Innocent”; then the plan is already beginning to take shape.

Are they really so stupid to be so “immune” to complaints? Are they really so stupid to be planning sooo poorly? So obviously?

I think not. Remember how one retired man keeps writing and telling people something they know is wrong?

Now that I think of it, remembering how supporters of DSAI used to terrorize a place when he was first arrested years ago. It makes me believe now they are trying to make his supporters angry. They are trying in every attempt to provoke opposition supporters and start taking things to the streets, in a violenr way, out of anger over obvious injustice.

It appears as if they are running through things quickly, in a hasty manner, with lots of details “leaked”. However, it doesn’t seem to be such anymore.

I’m sure everyone would agree that with or without DSAI, we’ll still go on with the cause and kick them out in the next GE. Then, why do they still die-die continue with the case? And make it so obvious?

I also notice how many comments use angry sentences, how many people began cursing and swearing when we face one issue after another. And I see how more and more such trends are picking up lately.

Now, if they forcibly throw DSAI in jail and people got overly upset and demonstrated, they would be able to use that to their advantage again. Well, we know that our other leaders of the PR coalition will surely stand up on this, and it will then be taken as the excuse to arrest them all. Leaving PR full of people but no leaders to guide them. It will be havoc. What’s more with their “virus” plugged in as spies to create more problems? Well, at that time, they would be able to declare not only a state of emergency, but also call for fresh elections. With the havoc running in the opposition then, with capable leaders arrested, it is unlikely they would get enough support.

Worse still when the virus ran for elections. Even if PR could win, it would be useless as these “viruses” are just another tool and puppet for them. We’ll be wasting our votes, our time and money for all that then.

But if we don’t lash out, they would make statements saying DSAI’s support isn’t that much, and since people don’t lash out, it shows that we agree DSAI sodomized. All in all, they either try to make us all retaliate, or make people believe in their lies. Either way, the result will be the same.

It was a blessing we did not retaliate in the previous series of events to allow them to play it to their advantage. Now, they are making it more and more obvious, more absurd so that we’ll be angry over it. I believe it was not mere chance when LGE did not return the lashing of some “virus” against him.

So brace yourselves. We’re about to reach the peak of the roller coaster, and will soon run through a terrifying ride. But as long as we are steadfast, we will be able to survive it. As long as we don’t fall into their plans, they cannot play it to the full.

We’ll have to be careful with our actions, and activities. Continue to inform people, in a way that promotes unity, peace and justice. A way that tells people the need and importance of justice, peace and freedom. Give examples of cases we know. Cases that even the mainstream media revealed. Since they are controlled medias, we’ll use them to our advantage. I believe, there’s no crime in promoting peace, justice, unity and freedom, right?

Comment, complain, and make positive criticism over issues, but we should not be too emotional over it until we’ll have to shout and scream at people, or even take it out in the streets. Write and comment maturely. Face evil with virtue, and the wise shall be able to judge who’s making a scene.

They will continue with the harassing, and more drastic action will surface. There’s a lot of things we have to do to defend against their attacks, which may include the following

1)      Cleanup of PR MPs personal life, and business dealings to prevent it being used as a tool to cause defection.
2)      Continue waking people up to the issues they are facing, and the truth behind it.
3)      Continue educating the public, to be more learned, more informed, and reason better.
4)      Train up more capable leaders, to substitute anyone who may be taken down.
5)      Monitor and eliminate “virus” members that try to destroy the coalition.
6)      Reveal more and more dirty stuff and works of the “you know who”.
7)      Have healthy activities for the rakyat, and taking that opportunity to radiate the “justice” message over to them.
8)      Etc (feel free to suggest).

Again we shall foil their attempt … and all subsequent attempts. May Allah be with us through the journey.