A personal touch to the PM’s aide’s remarks

I did not have the honor of being in the seminar but reading the news I have noticed that the mainstream newspapers omitted the statement made by the PM’s Aide. They just mentioned his quitting. I believe the government is ashamed to even let it be published. For we all know, here in Malaysia, the government only paint beautiful, perfect pictures of our history. All flaws should be removed and hidden.

By avancc

What stunned me was, how could a person who is close to the PM, who spent more time than anyone of us (except his wife and children of course), not understand the PM’s plan of unity?

You know, Humans are very interesting creatures. If we get to watch someone long enough, we will copy some of their attitude, character, speech and gestures. And we copy the good ones as well as the bad. This is called Mutual influence.

So I wondered. A person who’s so close to the PM, to be given the “Special Officer” post, to be saying such remarks in a seminar. Either he’s gone against his superior’s plan, or he was merely repeating what his superior told him.

You know. Teachers will usually be able to guess what a parent is like by looking at the student.

That has been bad enough an image to display. But what made it worse was that he denied making that claim. Only to have his dismissal announced from his office, BUT NOT BY HIMSELF.

Well, he performed a serious offence which, in normal practice, should be treated with ISA or the Sedition Act. However, he was only slapped with a quick dismissal. And that too was not on his own accord.

As Malaysians are a forgetful lot, we easily forget things. And a quick dismissal will make 2 impacts:

1)      They will claim that the “culprit” has been penalized/punished.

2)      To close away any other dispute/speculation about him. If they left him to linger a little more, reporters may start asking questions and he may let out more hints of what’s behind the wall of the PM’s office.

So, damage has been done. The person did not even admit wrong but had to be quickly dismissed to close away the focus of the public. What’s going to happen after this? I am expecting – NOTHING.

When you think properly, you might be able to catch a glimpse. Considering the above “mutual influence”, your common sense would tell you … Either something went wrong with BTN (as all officers would have to attend it right?); or SOMETHING’S GOING ON IN THE PM’S OFFICE. For if the government’s top officers themselves are not clear about the goal of the PM, what more with us?

And your common sense would also tell you, if as a leader of a country your subordinates make a contradictory action to yours which will jeopardize your goal, would you just dismiss him, or punish him properly? And after that? Make a cleanup in your team to make sure your message is direct and clear where there will be no more of such in the future. Also, the selection of team members will be tightened. Common sense, right?

Such inaction/lack of enthusiasm only shows me one thing …. PUNISHING HIM WOULD BE UNFAIR AS HE WAS MERELY REPEATING WHAT HE WAS TAUGHT.

Well, looking at the situation, it suggests that either there’s a serious problem with the leadership (poor management and leadership skill), or a serious problem with the leader (his unity plan is a mockery as he keeps teaching his subordinates about disunity). Either way, the (dis)credit will still go back to the top, wouldn’t it? Now, still fancy such leadership? Are they changing? I would say – YES. They are changing to the worse.