Need Malaysian Indian votes, SOS the real HINDRAF

Everyone chides HINDRAF these days but in their heydays, after November 25, 2007, everyone looked at them as a beacon of hope to uphold humanity.

By R. Shan (Human Being) 

After the March 8, 2008 battle, everyone settled in but then everything got political minus the root issues that faced the community. We had the dream of September 16, 2008 where Anwar failed miserably, then the hopping frogs in DAP and PKR that handed UMNO Perak, the issue of Kg Buah Pala, the courting of turncoats in HINDRAF and then neverending disputes in Pakatan Rakyat.

Now, of course, we don’t even know how the turn is going to be as Pakatan attempts to hold fort its coalition through their mandores but Najib woos the Malaysian Indians directly as he understands that MIC or the other parties can no longer act as the mandores for the Malaysian Indian community.

In a sense, Najib is actually wiser than those in Pakatan in understanding the need of the Indian society although he is just another UMNO elite who cares only for himself and his political survival.

But why has Najib has not approached the real HINDRAF leaders? Maybe he has, but is unable to fulfill the needs of the real demands that addresses the truth and reality that faces this community but rather play politics to hoodwink like what he did by visiting Tamil Nadu & during Thaipusam. Boy!!! Oh Boy!!! He must take the Malaysian Indians to be such suckers that this would appease their frustration towards the uneven policies in Malaysia.

Then you have the Pakatan donkeys, playing a similar role but not wanting to deal with real issues that actually matter but rather play politics as what UMNO has been doing with their subservient allies including the Malays, Indians, Chinese and lain-lain, only to benefit themselves.

I do agree changes at least in the four (4) states that they control will not happen overnight. But how does it help if they keep playing politics rather than addressing the needs of the under-privileged society due to oppressive policies? If they are worried about the votes, then there is something wrong with their perception of a Malaysian. Being a Malaysian is Ketuanan Malaysia irrespective of race, religion or creed. Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians so it should be fair and just for the under-classed and under-privileged too. If that is not the case, then how did NEP survive since 1970’s where 50% of the civil servants that administrated this well meant system then was the non-Malays for the Malays. Rather than engaging with the right partners, Pakatan seems to love to be in the offensive mode if anything is questioned. So how different is this from what UMNO has been doing?

I speak as a Malaysian solely only interested in enhancing the cry of fellow brethrens irrespective of their origins who are caught up in an oppressive system that discriminates based on ethnicity and the political drama that both UMNO and Pakatan play without understanding the sentiments of being a Malaysian. They would rather divide us into lines to create their desired effect.

For all that the genuine HINDRAF cries, it should not be something that plays its part to fit an agenda in our own perverted mind for political allegiance, but it should deal with real isues that plague our society for the betterment of the nation.

HINDRAF in its part, being a pressure group, has criticized both UMNO and PAKATAN. Yet none would engage the real leaders to create a Ketuanan Malaysia that is translucent but rather play the race agenda for their continued existence. Saying this, I reflect back on the modus operandi of the nation and its people. Politically and in policy the Malays are protected, economically the Chinese are protected whereas the Malaysian Indians and the lain-lain including Sabah & Sarawak are forever at the mercy of another although they are able to contribute in equal terms if given the opportunity.

So, Dear Pakatan and those NGOs who are serious to create a Ketuanan Malaysia, please engage the real HINDRAF rather than be a chameleon for political survival.